Thankful for the Unseen Hand of God

On Wednesday of this week, as my husband and I sat at our kitchen table we contemplated the reality of our situation.  Worry rears its head every once in a while and this was one of those days where we were close to focusing on worry rather than faith.  We acknowledged that the Lord was working behind the scenes and chuckled at our “11th Hour Answers” book that we should probably write.  Because, well, that is just the way it is.

We are sadly, very broke.  We have depleted all of our savings and credit lines.  My husband has worked less than 6 weeks since last August and that really doesn’t pay the bills.  It isn’t for lack of trying. He has been on the phone. He has traveled to towns and cities.  He has contacted all of the contacts in his book and added many to that list but none of those contacts have developed into any work or even a positive lead.  There simply is little to no work here or anywhere else right now.  And so, he is going to farm. In fact, we wonder if that is why were are here~ to farm.  But in this very progressive world of farming, you need the right equipment and the finances to operate the equipment.    When we were looking at what we needed and what it would take to get there, the mountain of obstacles was very high.   We decided to take it one step and one day at a time.

First up: buy seed.  Buying seed is not as easy as going to a local store. Most farmers secure their seed the season before and there is rarely extra to be had.  After a couple of weeks and many phone calls, we were able to find just enough wheat seed for our quarter.    We are very blessed that the purchase of our place came with a tractor, air seeder, cultivator, grain truck and other implements.

2nd: pay for seed.   This is not so easy either.  Ultimately we had to apply for a credit with Viterra which is where our seed is coming from.  We were approved a week after ordering the seed(phew!)

3rd: A farm credit would be required to purchase seed treatment, fertilizer and spray.  There is no way we can afford the possible $16,000 bill that will come.  Waiting for this credit to come through was a nail-biting experience.  The answer came yesterday…we got it. Thank you Lord.

4th: how will we pay our bills in the mean time?  We have not paid some of our suppliers, our business GST, taxes and we have household expenses.  Our bank account was bone dry.  Yesterday, 3 customers paid their bills and although it is not enough to cover all of our outstanding bills, it is enough to keep us afloat for the days and a couple weeks ahead.  And then, in the afternoon word came that he got a contract up north that he had just bid on.  This will be enough to catch us up for May. What a relief.

There are many mountains left to climb.  We can only do for today and tomorrow and let God worry about the rest.  For now, we are able to put seed in the ground and watch it grow.  We will not be able to afford crop insurance.  That’s okay, we have the unseen hand of God…that’s all the insurance we need.


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