Election Hangover

I don’t know how the Americans do it with their year long campaigning and politicking .  We’ve just finished 5 weeks of a rush election and that’s plenty enough for me.  Most of the campaign is spent on schmoozing with babies and students, shaking hands, photo ops and some serious mud-slinging.  In the end, was it all worth it? Well, if you’re a conservative then it most certainly was!   But really, we could have done without all of the “he said” “she said” “they did” stuff.  It actually didn’t even factor into the equation.   The stand-out  message from voters was this: We’re tired of minority governments whether they’re PC or Liberal and we want a unified country.   It was clear in Quebec that the Bloc Quebecois is no longer speaking for that province(have they ever?).   It was even more clear in Ontario that the Liberals have failed miserably.

I have been keeping tabs on a few blogs and news sites.  It amazes me some of the language that people use who did not vote for PC.  Things like “welcome to the dark ages”, “we will be a police state now” , “it’s a very sad day for Canada”.  Hmmm. I just wonder what rock these folks have been living under.   We’ve had Stephen Harper as a Prime Minister for the past few years and although he’s been handcuffed  by the opposition for most of that time, he’s managed to keep Canada as one of the most stable countries on the planet.  Economically, we’re doing better than our American neighbours and our dollar is strong.  I am not seeking a 100 % Conservative parliament but I do think having ONE voice on the opposition side is far better than 3 bickering, whining  voices all competing for camera and air time.  61% of Canadians came out to vote.  That’s not a great number but it’s way better than what we’ve had in recent years.  Clearly people are ready to get on with the business of making Canada a profitable , healthy nation.

In my riding of Battlefords-Lloydminster there were 49, 530 registered voters.  Of those 28, 431 came out to vote(about 57%).  19, 055 voted for PC.  People who voted against PC would say that Gerry Ritz of the PC’s does not have a majority.  In fact, even some who did not vote would say the same thing.  You will hear this same complaining in many ridings across Canada.  It is unfortunate that many chose not to voice their opinion by voting.  But it is more unfortunate that a clear majority of voters  have spoken and yet people vent their frustrations at the ignorance they perceive a Conservative vote to be.  There is no ignorance when someone casts a ballot.  People who go to the polls do so knowing full well that they are making a statement.  Clearly in all parts of our country the voices are being heard loud and clear.

I have full confidence in Stephen Harper.  He is a father and a husband.  He understands hard work and a value for a good days’ work.   He does not have any hidden agenda as many would have us believe.  He has been very clear about wanting to crack down on crime, toughen up the sentences for young and violent offenders and make Canada a world leader in trade and natural resource production.  I am also ecstatic that Stephen Harper is the most pro-Israel leader in the world.  In a time where Israel needs all the friends it can get and more importantly because God calls us to defend Israel, it is so wonderful to know that we have a leader who does not bow to peer pressure on the world stage.   I can hardly wait for the scoffers and mockers to realize that they have been “in fear” for nothing.  Meanwhile, Jack Layton has a HUGE uphill battle with rookie MP’s who are woefully unprepared for where they sit.

I would just like to point out that when both Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff congratulated Stephen Harper, their followers booed.  However, when Stephen Harper congratulated both, his followers showed a lot of class.  Remember, we are all neighbours.  We work together, we live beside each other.  Canada is our country.  It does not belong to one political party or another.  It is time to work together.  It is time for Quebec to once again be a part of this great dominion.

No government will ever be perfect.  No leader will please everyone.  But for once, I see a desire on the part of the Canadian voting public to be united.   “We may not have it all together but together we have it all”.

http://enr.elections.ca/Provinces_e.aspx  You can click on this link to find out what the voter turnout was like in your riding.


One thought on “Election Hangover

  1. Actually my favorite election commercial was the conservative one that made me feel patriotic. No mud slinging, just positive things about Canada, who we are and who we strive to be.
    I have to admit I am pleased that the Green Party has one seat just so that they can be in a debate (unlike previous years when the Bloc was in the leaders debate but was not a “national” party and the greens werre not allowed). I guess it really is all politics!
    Do I want a “politically correct” prime minister who is wishy washy or do I want one who states his position and doesn’t bow to public opinion? Right or wrong, I want one who is strong and may seem “cold and impersonal” at times. I don’t need a fuzzy, make feel good all the time leader of my country – that’s what I have friends for.

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