Friendships at 40…..and oh, don’t forget the cookies.

I am SO blessed with many friends.  In fact, as I was pondering some of my friends I actually wondered how it is that I have the best friends in the world?  How is it that little old me with a rotten attitude most days, lack of discipline, irresponsible and lazy has such wonderfully beautiful, loving, gracious and amazing friends? How does that happen?

During Easter weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to see some of our long time friends.  Many of them were involved in our wedding ceremony and reception 19 years ago but due to distance and time we rarely see each other.  We try to keep up every few months but admittedly we have allowed a year to pass before we are in contact.  (I hope to perk up that statistic a bit this year).  However, no matter how much time passes, these friends of ours will drop everything in their busy lives to come and spend an hour or two with us.  I’m sure I talk to much. I’m sure I’m WAY to dramatic about my life.  But they’re so great~ they laugh and listen and they act like they’re so happy to see me!! Really, I’m just SO thrilled to see them!

Charlene, a bridesmaid, me, Rhonda, best friend and guest book attendant, Colleen, cake decorator and all around fabulous person.

I have other friends who we see only once a year or less.  But they too are just amazing at keeping in touch.  They text, they inbox and they phone! Yes, I actually still get phonecalls from a faithful few!  Again, I am so deeply touched that they spend one minute thinking about me.  I am blessed.  

Meeting new friends is not easy. First of all, I’m not 10 anymore and I just don’t have the opportunity to say, “Hey, you wanna come on the swing with me?”  Ya, that doesn’t happen.   I’m almost 40(ouch).  And at this stage of my life I wonder how to be likable enough that someone would want to be my friend.  My long time friends know that I lip off occasionally. They know I obsess about things and that I’m probably way too critical and judgmental.  That’s pretty hard to hide when you’re trying to make friends.   It’s probably the reason that I’ve thought that I have a new friend and suddenly a month or two down the road they are obviously absent from my life.  Maybe I read too much into it.  Maybe I’m trying too hard.  Maybe I don’t try hard enough.  

Donna (new friend) and David(old friend and one of our groomsmen), Leroy and I

Yes, I am nearly 40 and I’m worrying about making friends and keeping them.  Does that ever end?  Do we ever really “grow up”?  

I hope that if I’ve scared someone off by my overly friendly actions(no, I have not been hugging random people in the streets) they might give me another chance to redeem myself.  After all, I do make good cookies! 😉


2 thoughts on “Friendships at 40…..and oh, don’t forget the cookies.

  1. Juanita, you are a true loyal friend. If people have not been able to see that in you, then that is truly their loss. You are a breath of fresh air, real to the core, and seeking God is this journey of life that we are all on. You are a blessing in my life that God has given me. Be encouraged you have a lot of friends out there…we just don’t all live in the same court in Gladmer any more :), but distance doesn’t change the appreciation that you have for a person.

  2. I would accept a random hug! (and some cookies if you are so inclined ;o) )
    You are honest and up front with people. No fluff. Those kind of people are very necessary in our world to help balance out those of us (me) who have a hard time speaking it without fluff sometimes. (okay a lot more of the time than I want to admit, because I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings so I try to say things nicely and in a way that they won’t think I am a bad person for sharing my thoughts In short, I try to avoid conflict.) You are obviously a good friend if you have others that are so dedicated and faithful.

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