Unions, Hospitals and Jesus

So, it is no secret that I live in the “land of living skies”~ Saskatchewan.  I was born here, I was raised here, I was married here.  However, most of my adult married life has been spent in Alberta.   There are many similarities between these two provinces but there are MANY differences.

Today I got a bold look at 3 of the major differences from where I lived to where I now live.

Today, my children are not in school. Why?  Because the teachers’ union  in Saskatchewan is staging a one day walk out to protest a recent contract offer from the government.  If you know me, you know I hate unions.  I don’t know of any union that has a good purpose.  I believe in associations and I believe that a lot is accomplished in a group that cannot necessarily be accomplished by individuals.  However, unions, from my experience, have made a really bad name for themselves(if that was never their intent then they ought to rethink their strategy) by continuing to throw tantrums over wages.  We live in difficult economic times and people everywhere are struggling to make ends meet.  Governments are in debt or on the verge of debt and yet, the masses seem hell-bent on demanding more, more, more.  I am so fed up with it.   I love my kids’ teachers.  I have good relationships with them and I appreciate the time they spend on developing and teaching.  But industry and businesses are scaling back. There isn’t money to be had at every turn.  People with jobs ought to be really thankful that they have a regular paycheque to lean on.  My husband has worked less than 6 weeks since August and we know all to well what budgeting looks like. Some stuff has to wait. Some stuff has to go. And some stuff ain’t happenin’ for a LONG time.  This is life and we learn how to adapt.  The teachers are asking for 12% wage increase over the next 3 years.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money. And where will it come from? Those of us who pay taxes, that’s who. It always comes from us.  And don’t get me started on the “our children are worth it” bandwagon.  These people are getting paid and getting paid well.  Today, they are getting paid strike pay while support staff and administration gets nothing.

I know our local teachers aren’t in favour of this strike. They are reluctant participants.  In fact, they aren’t supposed to be at the school today but I drove by and there are more than 10 vehicles at the school.  They know they have work to do.  Sure, getting more cash is a nice perk if it happens, but they’d rather be teaching…like they’re called to do.  The reality of this situation may become worthy of serious concern in a few weeks .   Our teachers here have hinted at a full walk-out at the end of June. During exam week.  Which would mean my kids would have to go back to school in July or August to write finals. Really? Does anyone want that? I think not.

If my kids had been in school today, my daughter would have not been on the trampoline.  ~ I would like to just point out that we have had our trampoline for nearly 9 years and no trips to the hospital have been required. ~

She was jumping and slipped.  She caught herself with her hand and her arm took the brunt of the impact.  She knew right away that something was wrong.  I had to take her in, even though I really didn’t think it was necessary.  We walked into our local hospital at noon.  We were seen and in x-ray at 12:25 p.m.  At 12:45 we were walking out of the hospital with x-rays in hand on our way to the clinic where the doctors work.  At 1:15 p.m. we were on our way back to the hospital for a sling.  There appears to be no fracture, but there is significant pain in the elbow and it is not definitive if there is an injury.  We have to return Monday morning to re x-ray.  For now, no track for her.  No activity that involves jumping, biking, running….she’s not too happy.   But the hospital and the health care system worked today~ efficient and quick.

While waiting in the doctor’s waiting room.  I noticed several things.(These are a set of 3 South African docs~YAY!).  For one, the only painting on the wall is a very large print of Jesus on the cross.  I know it well; we have the same print which was a painting done at Breakforth in Edmonton a couple of years ago.   On the waiting room table was a Bible and some other books on Christian living.  And probably, most profound, was on the bulletin board right at the reception desk.  A very bold statement about life and the sanctity of it.  How Jesus was once an infant who grew to be a carpenter and who is now the Great Physician able to heal the deepest hurts in our hearts.  There is a page on how to ask for forgiveness and receive everlasting life through Jesus Christ.  There are other messages of hope and what Easter is all about.  It was truly refreshing and astounding.  I don’t know if I’d see the same boldness of faith in any clinic in Alberta.  Alberta is down the “politically correct~non-offensive” path.  Incidentally, in the ER of the hospital two of the main walls had HUGE crosses with Easter Lily floral pictures and the words “He is Risen” and “Alleluia” all over the place.

Jesus is alive and well in Saskatchewan….just wish the unions would get the message.  Jesus was unselfish and giving.  The unions are selfish and taking.


3 thoughts on “Unions, Hospitals and Jesus

  1. Do I weigh into the teacher’s thing? This seems to be a “sacred cow” that if you disagree with them (or any union) you are some sort of dictator. My dad was a teacher for many years and he refused to go on strike because he didn’t believe in the reasoning for the strike. At least this time they are being upfront – it is about the money. Finally no more of this hogwash about “it’s for the kids”, get real – you want more money and in our society – for some reason – we think that more money will give us value. Maybe teachers would be happier if we showed and communicated our appreciation for them all year round! And that goes for anyone, who doesn’t like to be valued?
    By the way – the teacher’s are not in a union, they are a federation (I’m told there is a difference but I don’t know what it is!)

  2. Wow, a christian doctor’s office, Yay God!!!! they see the value of treating the whole person and not just the manifestations of larger issues!!!!! Yay God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had a doctor years ago in Cold Lake, and he genuinely cared about me as a person and not just a number. The doctors down here are what I would call, door knob doctors, as they stand with their hands on the door knob during the entire consultation. And if you are lucky you get to talk to them for about 5 minutes, maybe.

    Ah, it was refreshing to hear that some people in this world take their faith seriously and are not ashamed to show it to the world!!!!! Yay God.

    and a double yay for the fact that they are South African!!!!!!

    (My doc in Cold lake was from SA too)

  3. We are also blessed to have our clinic stocked with christian doctors. Juan you just haven’t lived in Three Hills, AB, a mini Bible belt. Similar items can be seen in our doctors offices, hospital and even in an insurance office. I am sure there are others here as well. You are correct, it is a VERY rare thing for a business to display any sort of faith based materials, paintings etc.

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