Thoughts for today…

Do you ever notice how the best seasons are the shortest? Why is that? Why do lilacs and apple blossoms last barely 10 days? They’re beautiful~ really, they’re amazing if you look at them up close.   I have one little pink blossom tree in my yard.  Every day I go out and stand there and look at it.  I know that one day soon the blossoms will fall and it will be green only for the rest of the summer.   The fragrance is amazing..I wish I could photograph that! 

And then there’s fall. Warm sunshine, cool breezes, 1000 different colors of leaves and foliage. Blue skies and migrating geese.  It only lasts a few short weeks and then it’s gone.

Babies…..oh babies…..they don’t stay little very long.  I had a dream about a baby last night. I could almost smell that fresh baby scent, soft, chubby skin and precious sleepy eyes.  They grow so fast.  It seems so unfair to have such a cute little being, so helpless and needy for such a short time.

Perhaps there’s a lesson in the shortness of the best days.  We long for more.  Like a vacation that fills your days with joy and rest, you just can’t imagine going home to “regular” life.  But I always tell my kids: it’s so much better to go home when you still LOVE your vacation than to wait until you’re SO ready to go home.  Because the memories are sweeter.

Isn’t that the way it is? We long for springtime blossoms, warm fall days in piles of leaves, Christmas morning and wedding days…our heart and mind crave them.  We desire them because we have learned to appreciate them.

 Sometimes, the shorter the moment of joy, the greater the JOY moment is. 

Today, I challenge you to find the blossoms.  Cuddle the baby.  Enjoy the fresh baked bread.  Smile at the neighbour on her porch. Watch the sunset. Stare at your daughter or son. Hold your husband’s hand.

These are the short, sweet moments of joy…and they are fleeting.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts for today…

  1. I love taking the time to stare at my lil girl & I ALWAYS hold my hubby’s hand! I can only hope that over the next 30 years we still take the time to do so. Spring & Summer seem so short cause time flys when you’re having fun. 😉

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