For the next 20 days I, along with a few of my nearest and dearest are focusing intentionally on praying for one thing.   A miracle.  From Florida to Grande Prairie,  Kitchener to Calgary, Montana to Steinbach….and every place in between, we are praying for our acreage in Alberta to sell.   I realize for many, praying for a real estate deal may not seem like much of a miracle.   In many markets it would just be all in a days’ work.  But here, now? Well, this is a miracle that has been waiting for over a year.  I don’t know why God has chosen to wait.  I don’t understand why the circumstances only look like uphill battles.  I don’t get what He’s got planned.  But, I do know this:  He wants me and everyone involved to be intentional about what we are doing, what we are praying for and what we are expecting.

It’s really easy to pray for something or someone and think we’ve done our duty.  However, it’s another thing to pray expecting an answer and being specific about what that answer is.   Maybe this is the point.  Maybe I just had to come to a point where I wasn’t hoping, pleading, begging and all the while not really knowing what the outcome would be.  Maybe I’ve had to get to this point of knowing I can’t do it on my own, my husband can’t make things happen just because we need it to and we can’t continue in real estate limbo indefinitely.

So, me and my power-praying soul sisters are taking the next 20 days to be specific and be intentional.   I know that when we wait and listen, the Holy Spirit guides and directs.  I know that when we respond and are faithful He answers and blesses.

So here I am, so blessed to have people stand with me and intercede on my behalf.  I am humbled and I am encouraged.  I am thankful and I am SO excited about what God has in store.  It’s going to be awesome and I give Him all the glory in advance for His answers!


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