Good Morning Monday

It is 4:20 a.m. as I begin this post.  I have not slept…well, at least not since Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Did you know that the northern horizon is getting light at 3 a.m. this time of year?  Well, it is where I live….somewhere close to the 52nd parallel.   The birds start to sing too~around 3:30 a.m.  At 4 a.m it is light enough to see across our yard.  I know this because we(my hubby and I) were in the hot tub just before 4 a.m.   We were soaking tired, aching muscles and feet after a marathon day.  Actually, I only participated in the 2nd half of the marathon: 7:30 p.m. to 3 a.m.  He, on the other hand, was on his feet straight from 8 a.m. Sunday morning till 2:45 a.m Monday morning.  That’s nearly 19 hours.   He has gone to bed and I will not be disturbing him until at least noon…or later.  I don’t know anyone who works as physically hard as my husband.  He was fighting with a 600 pound switch for a hotel.  The cables coming into it each had to be twisted and forced into their slots…manually.  No help except for a bit of tool holding and moral support from me.  I watched as he literally put all of his weight into torquing each lug nut into the tightest position.  There were 25 of those cable ends to splice and fit and force and twist….it was a brutal job.  The sweat poured off his face and back.  He did not eat and I had to remind him to drink.  I think we went through about 4 energy drinks plus multiple waters and iced teas.  If he didn’t lose 10 lbs I’d be surprised as I watched his pants sag more and more off his belted waist.

This is how hard some people have to work.  Well, very few people really because most people wouldn’t touch a job like this…it’s no wonder this business owner has had such a tough time finding an electrician willing enough to take it on for a fraction of the cost it should have been charged for.  And people wonder why my man is  so close to shutting down his business.

I am not quite ready for bed.  There are 2 cakes in the oven.  My son has his final home ec/foods project this week: to decorate a cake.  He has to have the cake at school this morning.  Along with that he has a social presentation in his first class and a geology assignment due for 4th period.  He put in 24 hours this weekend helping his dad and wasn’t able to do any homework.  I’m sure his teachers won’t care to much~they expect the assignments completed regardless of extenuating circumstances.  It will be a rough morning for him. I told him he can take the van so that he can come home early to sleep.  Morning will come early for him too.

Well, the sun is coming up now. The cakes are almost baked.  There are lunches to make and Monday duties to attend to.  Do I bother lying down?  I might…for just an hour.  Good morning world.  It’s Monday.


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