Honoring Dad and Husband

How do I write about the men in my life who have shown me love unconditional?  How does the keyboard come close to transcribing  what the heart can barely comprehend?  In my life I have been loved by grandfathers,  a dad and the father of my own children. All men full of faults and failures but overflowing with grace, faith and integrity.  There are simply no words.

Usually, I do not put much stock in Father’s Day. Not because I don’t honor these great men but because one day is simply not enough and on its own so insignificant in the life of a father.  Our fathers are our friends and our heroes.  Larger than life they conquer all manner of monsters, problems and rodents.  Thank God for men who aren’t afraid to get dirty, work long hours and endure the harshest conditions to ‘git ‘er done’.  Where would I be if they weren’t committed to rescuing me?  On a table, screaming…that’s where.

As a little girl my dad was the one who prayed with me, tucked me in, sang me songs with his guitar, let me watch Hockey Night in Canada with him and encouraged my imagination.(It helps that he’s Irish and assured me that leprechauns are indeed real).  As a teen, he wrote me letters, hooked me up with my own phone number and phone in my room(way ahead of his time!), drove miles and miles to make sure I had a great summer or attend my grad.  As a young woman, he walked me down the aisle in a new pair of jeans(as it should be).  He cuddled my babies and even slipped them honey on their soothers when I wasn’t looking(well, I was looking).  He’s a one of a kind stubborn, opinionated and hard-working guy. I guess that’s why I love him so much~ he’s as real as anyone I’ve ever known and still a Wild-West movie star.

I always wanted to marry someone like my dad.  In many ways I did.  A guy who doesn’t know how to quit working before a job is done.  Someone who can fix a car transmission in a night. He can  frame, wire and drywall an entire basement in a few short weeks and still find time to build a raft for his kids.  And he serenades me with his goofy love songs!  This guy , committed to providing , would be at my side through 4 torturous pregnancies and births and go to work the next day to make sure we had what we needed.  Hard times come and hard times go…and then the hard times come again.  Through it all he never gives up, never gives in although he may want to.

Love, commitment, work-ethic, laughter, faith, family……my dad and my husband are my heroes. Happy Father’s Day. I love you both.

Me, my dad and sister circa 1974

My dad with my niece 1995

My dad and my husband.

My husband and Emily 1999

Our wedding 1992

My favourite photo of us~ 2005


2 thoughts on “Honoring Dad and Husband

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  2. I think I may want to hire your husband to redo our basement! And that sofa you and your dad are sitting on in 1974, my grandparents had that same one, was it a ‘davenport’ as they called it? Like the ‘futon’ of today? When I moved out on my own in 1992 I took that davenport and matching chair with me to my first apartment. The chair fell apart one day when someone sat on it but the sofa is now in my father in law’s house, recovered in denim!

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