Sam Elliott are you reading this???

My dad is one of the toughest , truest cowboys that I know.  In fact, he is so much the real deal that he can wear his running shoes and NOT have his cowboy hat on and people still know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the real deal.

He has worked harder in his life than 10 men put together.  I really don’t know any other person that epitomizes “tough” like he does.

And so, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that he and his wife(my stepmom) recently purchased a Dodge truck.  You know all the commercials about how Dodge is Ram tough? Well, that’s him. However, my dad has not been a Dodge man ever in his life.  He’s more the  GM/Chevy guy~ well, he was.  And his last truck was a Ford.   He called me last week and told me that Bev had a new truck that he was going to “borrow”.  Ha, ya right.  He was already using it the first day to take his trailer into town for the Rodeo parade. I think he used it for 4 days straight that week , hauling in the horses and everything that he needed for the float.   When I asked him what made him buy THAT particular truck, knowing that he had never been a real fan of Dodge, he answered this way : “Now I don’t want you to think that I’m crazy but the thing that made me buy Dodge…the ONLY thing is that Sam Elliott is the voice on the Dodge commercial.”

I laughed.

And then he went on to tell me about the “limp-wristed” , “wimpy”  Wayne Gretzkys and Paul Brandts who promote for Ford and how he couldn’t stand to support them. (sorry guys, that’s just my dad~ I still like you though).

Just over a year ago while at my dad’s, we were conversing about old westerns and how there’s certain actors who just make a western what it is.  I am too young to remember much of the 60’s movies although I do remember John Wayne.  My uncle was there and we were talking about Gunsmoke and Festus.  We got up to my era~ the 80’s and 90’s and threw around names like Robert Duvall and…..Sam Elliott.  When we got to Sam Elliott there was unanimous agreement that he is the quintessential cowboy that has transcended the generational gap between the old spaghetti westerns and the new breeds.  He IS all things cowboy and tough and you only have to hear him say one or two words to know who he is.  I think Dodge is spot-on for nabbing him for their commercials. And clearly, a sale was just made on that fact alone.  If it weren’t for Sam Elliott, my dad would not be driving a Dodge.

<a href="“>Watch this video

And incidentally, yesterday was Mr. Elliott’s 67th birthday!! So happy birthday Sam, I sure hope you read this little blog about a cowboy way up north in Alberta…who now drives a Dodge.

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