A tale of TWO hotels

We stepped off the elevator onto the 3rd floor.  This was to be our “getaway” night.  A little R&R~ escaping the kids, stresses and worries.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder….and fonder.  A night by ourselves was so long overdue.  But stepping onto that floor~ we gagged and choked.  Gasping, we walked down to our room.  We were told “one of the last 2 rooms left in the city”~ due in part to the Keith Urban concert in town.  Could there really be people smoking in this hotel? We haven’t had to request a non-smoking room for years!  Every hotel we have stayed in has been 100% smoke free~ it’s the law after all.   My husband left me in the hallway, choking to breathe.  He went down to demand a new room~ this just wouldn’t do.  In a few short minutes he was back and we were stuck~ this was all there was.  We entered the room and thankfully it was better than the hallway so we quickly opened the window and laid a towel at the base of the door.  So much for romance. We’d be lucky if we even slept headache free(we’re both extremely sensitive to cigarette smoke).   The kids came with us to swim.  Upon entering the pool area this is what we noticed: dim lighting, some lights burned out, slimy floor, a dirty diaper left on the floor, hot tub empty and not usable, tiny pool and no towels.    I requested some towels from Front-Desk-Boy but he was of no help and told us “sorry~ there are none”.   The lobby was filled with overflow from the lounge next door, partiers spilling out of every doorway, a few smoking in front of the doors.  Oh dear, this was not looking good.  Hubby found some clean towels in the weight room, kids swam for a bit and then left for the night.  We wondered if this was really worth it but we so desperately needed the time alone.  The cost for this casa-de-lameness?? $149 for the night! Yes, $149 for no hot tub, smoke filled hallways, apathetic desk clerk and oh, did I mention? No baseboards in our room~ I guess someone “forgot”.    To say that we were disappointed is an understatement but I mostly felt bad for the single mom down the hall, walking with her under-2 year old son in that toxic hallway at 11 p.m.  There is no way a child should be forced into such a situation.

Isn't this a fire hazard?? Open book of matches just begging someone to light it? Seriously was shocked by the complete lack of respect for paying guests.

Sunday afternoon~ we had checked out and gone to church.  We had lunch at our favourite restaurant (Red Lobster) with all our kids~ laughed, relaxed and now…time to check into the hotel we really wanted but it was booked.  The same hotel where nearly 20 years earlier we spent our wedding night! In fact, we walked by that suite on our way to the newly renovated room that was ours for the night.  A large , spacious room with a king sized bed. Big screen on the wall.  Separate washroom and prep area. Small fridge and a lovely sitting area. Down the hall the kids went to the pool area.  What is this?  A massive waterslide, warm swimming pool and very large WORKING hot tub.  Oh, and a pool boy with multitudes of towels!   We had a fabulous evening.  I whispered in my love’s ear:”I’m so glad we got to finish off our weekend here instead of the other way around!”

We had a wonderful sleep and when we inquired about the hotel’s policy on smoking the TWO front-desk attendants  were happy and proud to say that their hotel had been completely smoke free for years.  Of course.  You can tell.  There was care in every detail, every room, the lobby and the guests who stayed there.  This hotel caters to families and is all about customer service.  OH, and the price? $129/night.

1st hotel gets NO stars from me. Can we do negative stars?   Chateau Regina    Booooooo! (looks NOTHING like the pics or is anywhere close to what is represented on their website)

2nd hotel gets 5 stars from all of us! Can we give them more?   Travelodge South Regina    YAY!! We will stay again, and again. And AGAIN!( no kidding it’s one of the top 10 in North America!)



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