Facebook made changes~ DID YOU NOTICE? **GASP**

Sometime~ a couple of years back~ mothers everywhere threw their babies out with the bath water.

All over the world families gathered to have wakes over gallons of spilled milk.

Fathers locked up their daughters.  Schools shut their doors. Life as we know it ceased to exist.

Why?  Because …..because…….it’s….almost….too hard….to say…………..because Facebook changed their homepage. [oh the inhumanity!!]

Now, now. Gather your children close.  Start a warm fire. Make some hot cocoa.  What I have to tell you is very serious.

They’ve done it again.   {shreiks and screams….violence in the streets erupts…..we will never recover from this!!}


Yes, I know. How could they? I mean really?? HOW. COULD. THEY??  It ‘s not like they’re operating a business or anything.  It’s not as if this is a FREE service that we all enjoy the benefits of.  NO!!! We were NOT consulted and therefore this must be stopped!! There must be petitions.  Online groups.  FB pages.  There must be something we can do to go back to the way it was!!


After all, nothing else ever changes.  Our grocery store still stocks the milk in the EXACT SAME SPOT  they did 3 years ago, right??   They NEVER move the pharmacy department stuff around~ EVER!  I can ALWAYS be assured that I will be able to find the frozen pizzas in the exact spot they were in one month ago!! Right?? Like, why is Facebook doing this to us?  We still bank the SAME way we did 2 years ago.  We still fill up with gas at the exact same pump as one year ago.  I can’t believe that they would think we would be so stupid as to fall for this trickery.

It’s almost like they’re trying to force us to leave FB.  No.  It couldn’t be that?? Could it?  I mean….well, what would I do if I didn’t see that little red number pop up?? I couldn’t handle not knowing what someone thinks of my supper choice tonight…or of my latest ailment or what little Chippy, my 3 legged Shitzu-Retriever cross did on the carpet??!!! No, I simply couldn’t function.  How would I wake up every day?  HOW. WOULD. I. LIVE??



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