31 DAYS challenge~ Day 1:Love Your Family

I’m going to try something new here.  I’ve linked up with a group of fabulous, world-renowned bloggers! Yes, they’re the best of the best!  They are leading the charge of blogging about one topic for 31 days. Everything from decor to photos, forgiveness to furniture and any other topic under the sun. This is going to be fabulous and I challenge you all to please join in by clicking on the links I post . There is also a list to the right with the original 8 bloggers’ links.  Click on any one of them and find links to many other bloggers participating in the challenge!  Okay, now that that is out of the way, I’d like to introduce you to my topic:


It’s near and dear to me. After all, I come from some pretty awesome families and I have also been given the amazing responsibility and gift of mothering my own crew.

I have not been really set on how  this is going to play out over the next month so bear with me if we change it up from week to week. I want to focus on being intentional about how I love my family.  Do they feel loved?   With everything that has happened to us over the past couple of years, I admit that I have neglected some of the key relationships in our household: mother/son,  mother/daughter, encouraging sibling love.  I have been lax at extending grace and mercy.  Especially in times of stress, it’s key to go above and beyond the norm and show the kids and spouse(husband in my case) that you think of them FIRST and foremost.

So, I’m looking forward to teaching myself a bunch of stuff and hoping to share some nuggets with you all as well. After these 31 days I’m hoping we all have learned a little bit more about “Loving On our Families”.

Family comes first.

For now, you can check out some of my previous posts on family:





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5 thoughts on “31 DAYS challenge~ Day 1:Love Your Family

  1. They are at the top of list as well and I’m looking forward to your series. So happy to have found you through Nester’s 31 Days – I’m a fellow 31 Dayer and am blogging on Library Living.

    xoxo michele

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