Day 3- Love your Family: Make Their Beds!


Okay, here’s a fun one. We’re busy people. We run out the door in the morning to school , work and all of our commitments. Rarely do beds get made in our house.  I KNOW, I KNOW!! It’s horrible! Listen people, we’re not all Martha Stewart and housekeeping has never been my strong suit.  But this I know….there’s something absolutely refreshing, wonderful and peaceful about a clean, tidy, fresh-smelling bedroom especially at the end of a hard day.  So, how about if today, YOU….yes YOU , Mom(or Dad) make ALL of the beds in your house! Yes! That’s right. Extend some grace to your family, take some time out of your schedule and SHOW LOVE by doing this one very simple task.  Do you have any idea how much this will speak LOVE to your kids…AND your husband?  It really will(especially to those whose Love Language is “Acts of Service”).  Don’t do it to get a “thanks Mom”, a kiss, hug or anything else. In fact, I challenge you to go into it expecting NOTHING in return. Just do it because you love them.

Here’s what you should shoot for:

1. Clean sheets(dry them with a scented fabric softener if possible)

2.Decide on whether to pull back the blankets in an inviting fashion or if you should leave it neatly made up.

3. Is this your teenage son’s room? Or perhaps your athletic teen daughter?(I have both). Here’s a little trick: Take a new dryer sheet(mountain fresh scent is lovely) and place it under the floor register so that when the furnace kicks in(it is fall here, yes we have already fired up the heat a couple of times) or when you have your A/C or fan on it will gently scent the room. It works GREAT!!

4.Have the pillows in your house seen better days? Is the fluffiness gone? You don’t have to spend a lot on new pillows. Let’s face it, they don’t last forever. Go to your local Walmart, Target, Superstore and get a 2 pack for $10 or less. Put a new pillowcase on and then top it off with a little treat.  They do it in hotels~ doesn’t our family deserve the royal treatment once in a while?   A little snack sized chocolate bar, tied with a ribbon will do. But if you want to get more elaborate you could leave your son’s favorite comic book(I love Archie myself), your daughter’s favorite magazine or a new toothbrush. Anything will do but leave something.

This is love in action~ sacrifice a little bit of time and effort to show your family that you think of them and their needs are important to you.

Sow in Love~ Reap in Joy

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2 thoughts on “Day 3- Love your Family: Make Their Beds!

    • Welcome to the wonderful world of boys! What is it about them?? I still can’t figure it out but it’s always a combination between sweaty socks, stale lunches and no air moving.(boys aren’t as big on having airflow as girls). Good luck!

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