Day 7~ By the Book

This is my 7th post for this 31 Day series on Loving Your Family.  Here in Canada, it’s the start of the Thanksgiving weekend. My husband and 2 oldest are coming home tonight and we will be having turkey, pie, junkfood, late night movies, and time. Time together. So, I won’t be blogging much. There’s more important things to do.

Sometimes, I can’t really say everything I want to say anyways. It’s better to leave it with the experts.   The best advice I can give you for loving your family is this: Read your Bible and Pray over them every day.  The Word of God is full of blessings, encouragement, teachable moments and advice. It’s got it all ….and then some.

And after you’ve read that, seek out some other great books on parenting and love.  Here’s a few that you can’t go wrong with.  God has gifted so many men and women with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I have learned so much.  It’s easy to get frustrated with your kids or your spouse, but when you know why they think different than you or respond differently in situations…well, it’s such a gift. Go read..and learn!

To link to the other posts in this series, click here.


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