Days 9~10 Quality Time

We’ve been celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving over here. That’s why I’m merging two days’ posts into one.   Pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie(whoever invented meringue was a genius!!), turkey, stuffing….CFL(football), NHL(go Flames!)… a few movies, some silly muppet videos on YouTube. A lot of laughter, sharing, caring, talking….it’s been good to just hang out together.

Saturday, my daughters asked me to take them to the local arena for public skate. It’s not my favourite thing to do, I’ll admit that.  But they get a look of sheer delight when I pull out the camera and snap all their moves and tricks.  I love to watch them skate~ it’s something I never was very good at. They love it!  And the great thing is: no TVs, no iPods, cellphones or any other distractions…just skating.

What do you do to spend quality time with your kids? Do you regularly drop everything to do something they love? It’s one of the best gifts to give them: undivided attention.


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