Day 11~ Follow Through

I’ve been struggling with my daily topics for this series on loving your family. Struggling because my family is not all together, life has thrown us some curve balls and I’m feeling lost in my own home.  But today I’m shaking it off. “Woe is me” doesn’t cut it around here and only perpetuates making excuses. Which is what I’ve decided to focus on today: Following through on what you’ve promised.

First of all, let’s just get something straight here.  Saying “I promise” is a hard core commitment and you better do what you said you would. If you don’t, well, your kids and your husband will come to believe they can’t rely on you.  But equally as important is the times you don’t say “I promise” but substitute it with “I will” , “you can count on me” , “I’ll have it done by tomorrow” or anything else resembling those phrases.

As a mom, I’m sure you can attest to the times when one of your kids has asked you to wash their favourite jacket, sew a button on their jeans,  fix a tear in their dress or shirt…….well, you know what I mean.  Did you do it?? Did you? I admit, that I have failed miserably in this area.  I get distracted or worse, I commit and I haven’t given myself enough time. I very often mistakenly THINK I can get something done when I really can’t~ I guess that’s some serious over-confidence on my part. The important thing here is to do what you said you’d do.  If you have promised to take your youngest shopping for shoes, then do it.  Don’t wait until she can’t even find a pair to pull on her growing feet! (my house..this morning….*sigh*)

And then there’s the follow through with the husband. ooo….boy…..

I’m sure my husband rolls his eyes, and likely some other choice words come out of his mouth.  I really do plan on doing all the things that need to be done….but, I haven’t done them yet.  This is not good.  It is priority #1 in your house to take care of those things that your husband has asked and is fully expecting you to do.  This week, for me, I must attack a rather disorganized garage and begin to pack and stack boxes. I have promised that by Friday it will be done.  So, this is my accountability group right here~ you all are my witnesses.  I will post a photo on Friday evening of my newly reorganized garage complete with boxes that actually look like they’re packed and labeled! See, now I’ve done it. I’ve put myself out there, there’s no looking back.

Sometimes, this is what it comes to: being honest about your limitations but also coming clean about your shortcomings.  It’s okay to mess up…as long as you make it up.  It’s okay to forget…as long as you remember.  It’s okay to be late, as long as you start earlier the  next time.  Perfection isn’t required, but being focused on the task at hand is.

My son has been asking for homemade lemon meringue pie. This weekend I finally made one~ he ate most of it. 🙂

So, what is it that you have promised to your spouse or kids that you haven’t done yet? Did you promise a plate of fresh cookies for after school? What about a game of Wii Sports that one of your kids is dying to play with you?  Have you put stuff off in favour of less important things?  Remember, following through is one of the best ways to show your family that you are 100% committed to them.  This is love in action.


UPDATE:  I completed my task….it’s a work in progress but it’s a great big job that is finally dealt with and it feels great!  Check out my update post and pics here.


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