DAy 13~ A Hug Would Make My Day

When we were young kids, my little sister would often say “I need a hug”. She would stop whatever she was doing, regardless of the situation and just NEED a hug.

She could say what few of us do~ she said it and then did it. And she flourished because of it.  I’m guessing that Physical Touch is her primary love language. 🙂   I have a daughter now who does the same thing.  At 13, she comes into the kitchen and says, “Mommy, I need a hug.”

A hug absorbs the feelings of the day. It crushes the negative forces that threaten the tender places of your heart.  A hug makes everything better~ for a little while.

 Do your kids need a hug? Does your husband or wife need a hug?  Do you? Here is a cyber-hug from me to you. ((Big Squishy Hug ))  And a few pictures of how you may be feeling. 🙂


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