Follow Up on the Follow Through

Sooooooooooooo……a couple of days ago, I posted about following through on your promises and commitments. And I put myself out there and told you all that by Friday evening I would have my garage tidied up and ready for packing. This has been a long-overdue task which I have neglected.  Finally, this week it came time to git ‘er done.   And thankfully, a little blog-spy gently reminded me this evening that I was supposed to post the proof that I did the job.  Well, here it is 11:15 p.m. Friday night and I’m posting what I’ve done. Now, it won’t look like much to you because, well…I forgot to take before shots. But picture this: a year’s worth of unpacked boxes after our last move~ opened, falling over each other, seasonal items chucked on top, garage sale tables still set up from August with stuff on top and below, garbage, clothes and anything else that can get thrown into a garage after a day outside, at the beach or in the van….oh , it was a mess.  Now, I  at least have more floor space showing than not showing. I had only a 2ft by 4ft space in the center for the cats’ house and litter…not a great set up by any means.

the front of the garage filled with mostly empty boxes and the beginning of our moving pile

Back corner which was a mess of partially unpacked and opened boxes. Now I can see and get at everything.

The cats' area for now until we get more stuff packed. All those boxes are empty and ready for filling this weekend!

I now have a clear path to the fridge and freezer which were buried and blocked before! And look at all the floor space!


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