Day 15~Dance to the Music!

We had a great day at home today. Not a lot was accomplished but there was peace and harmony.  Last night, I stocked up on new music. Coupons combined with awesome sales meant I went home with way more than I ever normally would.  And I can’t say that I’m disappointed with my choices. In fact, I’m playing them over and over and over again. So, so good.   Sometimes, you need a new groove…inspiration, motivation, rejuvenation….you know?   Let me share with you some MUST haves for this fall:

First of all, The Story. Go their website,to get all the info on products, Bible studies and more. This is one of those “such a time as this” collaborations that you just can’t miss out on.  From the website:

“Built on the foundation of the best-selling book, The Story, this new work contains 18 songs written by multiple Dove Awards-Winners Nichole Nordeman and Bernie Herms based on principle biblical characters and stories.
Go on a journey with songs, written in the first person perspective, that depict timeless biblical stories and provide a completely new context into how God’s story of love and redemption intersects with our story of brokenness and failures resulting in a new story of hope and rescue.”

The Story CD is 2 discs: Old Testament to New Testament~songs that will make you weep, encourage you and teach you.

This would be a wonderful Christmas gift to anyone but especially for anyone you know who maybe won’t read the Bible but needs to hear the stories contained in it and the wonderful plan that God has for each of us.

The next one I got is Downhere‘s new CD: On the Altar of Love.   Lead singer, Marc Martel  who you may be familiar with from his epic YouTube audition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love”. (You should watch it if you haven’t already).

This CD is amazing. It is so good, so well done but even more…the lyrics are inspiring, real, honest and full of truth.  I love when a mainstream band like this with such a huge following is so not afraid to take us right to the altar(funny how they titled that)~ this is not one of those “fringe” type of CDs where the lyrics are soft and politically correct.  This is right at the heart of all of our fears , failures and desires.   And the great thing is…anyone can enjoy it!! I even felt a little early 80’s Chicago-type feel on a couple songs! 😉

Next up: Steven Curtis Chapman’s    re:Creation

If you listened to SCC in the 80’s and 90’s you will recognize a few on here but the great thing is that he has RECREATED the tracks and updated them to be friendly enough for today’s generation(my 11 year old downloaded it to her iPod this morning because she loved it the whole way home). Particulary noteworthy is an absolutely annointed version of “Speechless” and an amazing version of Morning Has Broken with his son Caleb.  This is a CD you will love.

I’m planning on getting Casting Crown’s new one this coming week: Come to the Well comes out Tuesday and I’m so excited! They are my favourite band ever. 

It contains the song “Courageous” which is the title track for the Courageous movie currently in theatres.  And, in addition, Mark Hall(lead singer) has written a book called The Well which I am currently reading and will review for you soon. But, so far, it’s really good and definitely making me think about what wells I’m dipping into for satisfaction, validation and security.

So, do you need some new music? It helps to get the house cleaned and puts everyone in a great mood. And not only that, but your teens will love you for thinking of them by getting them music without them begging to use your credit card on iTunes!

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