Day 20~ Preparation {Being Ready for the Hard Times}

I’m one day behind on my 31days of blogging about loving your family. I will get caught up today with 2 posts on preparing your family for hard times.

Do you ever get the feeling that this world is spinning out of control?  I understand that passage in the Bible that refers to labour pains. The world is in labour~ ready to give birth to something big.   It’s painful.  It gets intense for a while and then it subsides.  WE think everything is okay and then all of the sudden *WHAM*! we get blindsided by something totally painful and difficult to journey through.


This year has been one of those years for our family and for many others.  A year where I’d wished I would have listened to my intuition years back about stocking up, storing up and saving for “that day”.  The day when there’s no food in the pantry, no money in the bank, no job to pay the bills~ that day has come for many people.  I have had more e-mails this year than I can count of people who are shocked and completely blindsided by their life circumstances.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We don’t have to sit on our proverbial hinies waiting for something bad to happen.  While we are able and aware, we have time.  Time to plan. Time to make, shop, bake and prepare.

For this post I want to direct you to two blog posts.  One that deals with immediate preparation for you and your family. Cold and flu season is upon us and there’s nothing worse than having a sick kid at 3 in the morning and no Tylenol/Motrin or Cold medicine. Read this from The Finer Things in Life and start getting prepared today!


The 2nd post I’d like you to read is a little more involved. It may take you a few minutes but it is worth it.  My friend Carl is a professor(you will appreciate that I told you that when you start to read his blog).  He is also a pastor, father, husband and mentor.  He has a lot of insight into the current situation in the US and in the world.  I think it is really important and necessary that we are well aware of what’s going on in our world and not dig our head in the sand. Denial is death for some people.  It may not be a fun topic, but if you love your family you must prepare for harsh days ahead.  In the coming posts I will be talking about how to prepare your family for grocery shortages, loss of jobs, inability for governments to pay social security and social assistance, pandemics and more.  Please stay tuned.   Carl’s latest blog post: The Great Crisis Upon Us.




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