Day 31~ Just Love

Love…all year…in every season:

Over the past 31 days, I’ve tried to share some of my stumbling journey to loving my family.  Stumbling? Yes.  I am not a smooth road-trip person. I always seem to take the bumpy, less-traveled route. It’s lively, it’s scenic but it’s hard.  And I’m tired.  Right now, I’d like nothing more than to have a very non-eventful, mundane life. I’d like to be in the same room with my husband right now. I’d like to know that my son and my daughter are in the other room.  I’d like us all to be sitting down to dinner at our family table in our NEW house.    But that is not where we are. And it’s wearing on all of us.

Regardless of how we feel~ regardless of how **I** feel…. my family still needs to be loved, feel loved  and know that I’m here cheering them on.  Wherever you are , in the journey with your family, make sure they know you love them.  Make sure you TELL them that.   Make sure you are texting and e-mailing, writing and phoning.  Let them know you’re making their favourite lasagna for supper.  Have that plate of cookies waiting at the end of a hard school day.  Take your mitts and a blanket and sit there and watch their hockey or skating practice.  Read a book, make a cup of hot cocoa, sit a while and just BE with them.  Love your family.  It is the greatest blessing for you and for them.

Thank-you for persevering through these days with me.  I hope it wasn’t too boring.  Next time I do a challenge like this, I promise to think ahead a little more~ and maybe even show you some of my new house! Yes, I believe….it is on the verge of happening…I’m holding on to hope!



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