Christmas Memories {Pretty Paper}

I don’t know if my sisters read my blog. But they’ll like this post.

I have a couple of things in my possession that are near and dear to all of us.

When we were little, growing up on the farm, yearly traditions were something we looked forward to. For us, Christmas had very little to do with presents and so much more to do with the people we entertained, family gatherings, special foods saved only for this time of year and our favourite colouring pages.

My mom had either copied(by tracing) or ripped a page out of a colouring book at some point and given us each a copy to colour. I’m sure we were 3 or 4 the first year we coloured them.  For whatever reason, she held onto the picture and then  the next year she simply traced over with a pencil or pen using carbon paper.  Do you remember carbon paper? What a cool invention and tool to have in the 70’s when you wanted to provide multiple copies of the same drawing!

So, year after year, when December rolled around, we would ask for the pictures.  And year after year, the same one was brought out from its safe storage and we would begin again. It would be cool to go back and see the evolution of our talents over the years.  I don’t have those, but I do have the originals. Brittle, thin paper now; they are like precious artifacts saved from certain destruction.  Every line following along the same original lines carefully traced by my mother nearly 40 years ago. Lines worn deep into the weave of the paper~ some carved straight through. I can smell the shortbread baking and I can hear Willie Nelson singing “Pretty Paper” on the radio….as we colour.   Memories.


~ that song makes me cry every time~

Merry Christmas


One thought on “Christmas Memories {Pretty Paper}

  1. Love those old coloring books, you can’t find them like that anymore. You should photo copy them before the paper crack all to peices. Thanks for sharing!

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