Books, Books and more Books! {My 2011 Reading List}

My husband and I are polar opposites in the world of literature. He uses it as little as possible and I simply CANNOT GET ENOUGH!

I have books piled on the coffee table, end tables, night stands, on the backs of toilets, by the bathtub, and book shelves overflowing!  I’ve purged some books but then I buy more. I give books for gifts and I scoop up any deals I can.  I love to read.  I always have.  Probably my first book I ever read was The Bobsey Twins(which I still have).  It is so cheesey now but so wonderfully idyllic.   The next book I remember adoring was Charlotte’s Web(still have that too).  There is simply nothing better than a good book…anytime! You don’t need a rainy day, sickness or boredom to get you into a good book.  Books transport you and teach you.  Books encourage and convict.  Books encourage research and build knowledge. I cannot think of anything negative about reading! (except the time involved when there’s other things that must be done!)   Anyways, I will be reading more in the coming months. I’ve signed on with a marketing group that targets Canadian readers.  They’re GIVING me books to read and then I have to fulfill my end by reviewing on my blog.

I am actually completely thrilled as I get the opportunity to read hot-off-the-press books and share my thoughts with other like-minded readers and potential readers(I will convert you non-readers).   So, here we are, a few days away from 2012 and my first review is due the 31st of December.  I thought I should share with you all my top books from this past year and why you need to run out and buy, buy, buy BOOKS for any occasion or no occasion at all in the coming year!

Books are relatively cheap entertainment and can be passed on to friends, family and libraries. Really, a GREAT investment.

1. One Thousand Giftsby Ann Voskamp.   I reviewed this earlier this year.  Ann’s style is very lyrical and organic. Some people will not  “get” what she is saying which is sad because it is profoundly life-changing. Probably THE BEST BOOK I’ve EVER read. EVER.  And she’s Canadian!! She has a follow up photographic book coming out in 2012 I believe.

My stack of books~ ready to give and ready to receive.

2. Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo.   Wow.  This book will blow away any perception you’ve ever had of Heaven, God, death and your loved ones.  Definitely a must-read for those who have lost someone close.  So encouraging and compelling.

3. The Land Between ~ Jeff Manion.  An easy read and really such a great book especially if you’re struggling through the life journey and feeling stumped at which way to go next.  Or maybe just feeling like you’re stuck and not moving forward at all. So full of encouragement and practical thinking that this is only a season, as long as it may sometimes seem.

4 and 5. The Twelfth Imam and The Tehran Initiative by Joel Rosenberg.  These are the first 2 books in this new series. Although they are written as fiction, they read as real life. So interesting to learn about Iranian culture, beliefs and what’s really going on with the Middle East. Honestly, if you don’t like reading, buy the books on CD because this series is so important to understanding world events.  I literally could not put them down until I was done.

6.Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman.  First of all, if you aren’t following Emily’s blog: Chatting at the so now. It is so full of peace, encouragement, motivation and grace.  I am just getting into this book but already I know it will be one of my go-to favourites.

6. What Women Fear by Angie Smith  Another book I’m just starting(how can I read so many at once? ).  I love Angie’s writing and in a similar way to Grace for the Good Girl this one is tugging at my heart and speaking to where I am at right now. All women; mother, wives, sisters, friends need to hear this message.

7. Come to the Well by Mark Hall  Lead singer of Casting Crowns, pastor and father/husband, Mark as  a unique and simple way of getting right to the heart of any issue. This book is for NOW. It is so needed in our homes, churches and communities. It is  cool drink of water in a dry,parched land.  The companion CD, The Well is amazing too(as are all of their CDs).

That’s my short list for now. I have a stack to get through in the next few weeks.  Next up…”I Am in Here”  about a girl with autism and her mother’s never-ending quest to get her help and help her find her voice through poetry. It is incredibly inspiring and touching and I’m only on chapter 5.  Review this weekend.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Books, Books and more Books! {My 2011 Reading List}

    • In some ways I wish my husband would love to read as much as I did! He’s missing out! But on the other hand, this is MY thing and I love that I can quietly wind down my day in a good book and he is left wondering what in the world is so interesting!! 🙂

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