One Word 2012~Redeemed

If I had to summarize my years with just ONE WORD then the word for 2010 would be Praise and the word for 2011 would definitely have to be faith.  We’ve been on this journey to find a home and get settled for nearly 2 years and I have to say, I’ve learned so, so much about myself.  I’ve also learned a lot about patience, pain and letting go of plans.

For weeks I have been feeling the stirring of a new word: Redeemed. I’ve always loved that word and it sure doesn’t get used a lot. When I hear it, it brings back memories of my mom’s family singing that old hymn “sweet is the song, I’m singing today; I’m redeemed, I’m redeemed~ I’m redeemed by love Divine , glory, glory Christ is mine ALL to Him, I know resign….I have been REDEEMED!”


to buy or pay off; clear by payment

to buy back,  to recover (something pledged or mortgaged) by payment or other satisfaction

to exchange ~ free, liberate, rescue,save. 

2012 is a the year to redeem the promises of the

Lord in our family’s life.

This is the year to redeem all of those gifts and passions I’ve had but have not been using to their full extent.

I want to redeem the time I have lost with family and friends and start anew.  It’s time to take BACK the time we’ve lost and make it better.

And above all, I want to live as though I have been REDEEMED! It is a gift like no other~ and it needs to be reflected in all that I do and say and how I live from day to day.

I’m so thankful to Alece and the community of OneWord365 for motivating and inspiring me daily to live that one word that God has placed in each of our lives.



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