The Resolution for Men~ Book Review

How does a woman review a book targeted specifically to men? Hmmm. Very carefully?   Listen, the reality is, I’d love it if my husband would read this book. But I know that that may not happen.  I may need to find out if it comes on CD! 🙂   

This book is written by the Kendrick brothers who have been responsible for bringing us such movies as Facing the Giants and Courageous.  It is NOT like the Resolution for Women which is a sister-friend approach to making resolutions and changes together.  My initial impression is that this is much like the way my husband always responds to any issue: “Just tell me what I’m supposed to do!”.

The print is larger(good plan), the chapters are to the point and shorter and actually, there’s only 2 parts but multiple appendices(things like “How to Pray for your FAmily and Seven Steps to Better Sex”)  Yes! It really does say that!  It is written as if your older, wiser brother is imparting wisdom but giving you a swift kick in the rear.  I like that. Some might not but I find that it’s something that will definitely catch the attention of many men.  On the flip side~ this approach has the possibility of turning some men off.  I would encourage men to give it a chance though.

I think some people are actually going to think this is too tough.  But I’m frankly very refreshed that someone has the guts to say the things the church and our culture have soft-peddled for over a generation.  Things like:  The Definition of Manhood(which has supported scriptures in case you were wondering):

             “A man is an adult male who accepts his masculinity, speaks and acts with maturity, embraces responsibility, functions independently, can lead a family faithfully and recognizes his accountability as an image bearer of God.”

(page 67)

The first page in the book says this:

            “Weak men will not be able to handle the contents of this book……..

                                    It will take courage. But it will be worth it all.   You’ve been warned.”


I encourage men to take up this challenge. Be courageous. Stand up for what is right. Take back your family, your integrity and your communities for God’s glory.    This book is going to change lives and families and homes.  

Book has been provided courtesy of David C Cook and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from B&H Publishing Group


3 thoughts on “The Resolution for Men~ Book Review

  1. Thanks for providing encouragement for us men from a woman’s perspective. I’ve seen the movie and have just started reading the book. Both are very challenging and completely opposite from what society says we ought to be as men. I, for one, am taking up the challenge and am looking forward to some God things happening in my family as a result. God bless!

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