The Prairie Girl’s Home Goals

I like thinking about goals. I like making lists and I like the planning.  The implementation?? Hmmm. That’s a whole other ball game!

I decided to link up with all these fabulous bloggers on goals for our homes for 2012.  Mostly because I just want to have a goal and fulfill it.  I want to be intentional this year and clearly, intentionality means accountability.

Last year my home suffered dearly for so many reasons.  Walls and cabinets that I intended to paint are still as they were, furniture that I wanted to repurpose is still sitting in the garage, crafts and curtains that were to be made have been left in the “to do” pile once again.  I have procrastinated and lost my motivation.  Mostly due to the fact that we were supposed to be moving last summer and we still haven’t sold and partly due to the fact that when I feel overwhelmed I freeze up and nothing gets done.

So, goals for this year?

1.  BUY a house, move in and get dirty right away.   I can’t do much about this house although I am going to paint a couple of walls that no new owner will like and it will help my mood to perk up.  But moving is top priority and getting a house that we can all live in again is always number 1 in my thoughts.

2.  I want my new house to be the landing pad for my kids and all their friends.  We have been many years without having the social revolving door happening and we’re so ready for it.  I need to make sure there’s a comfy room with comfy furniture, foosball and ping pong!~ these have long been family goals and now’s the time to make it happen!

This is our current basement with a pool table not being used. Gotta change that!

3. I want to make my master bedroom that room where my husband and I love to go rather than just a place to sleep. I’d love a fireplace if we could make that work somehow(it would have to be a fairly big room).  I want a big headboard and I’m also working on my very first handmade patchwork quilt for our bed.  Gotta get that done before our anniversary in April!

The beginnings of my master bedroom quilt. I think I'm going to love it when it's done!

4. And one of my must-do goals has got to be to make my kitchen functional and working for me every day.  I have slacked off on home cooking and baking  and I really want to take back those crafts and bless my family daily with homemade goodness.

5. Every bedroom is in need of a new dresser so my mission is going to be to find older dressers to refinish, paint and re-purpose into what will work for each member of the family. I’m actually really excited about this! And night tables too!  I’ve already started to pick up some pieces that will need attention sooner than later.

Picked up this little beauty at a sale in the fall.Hoping to give it some life with a new colour for one of the girls' rooms!

I made a list yesterday of things I need to do to start getting my house in order and stop being consumed by stuff! You can read it here: Clean up and Clean Out!

Okay, I think that’s enough.  I have a LOT of work to do!! Gotta get on it ! What’s your home goals for this year?

10 thoughts on “The Prairie Girl’s Home Goals

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    • Hi Karah, Thanks for commenting. I am expecting big things~ and up for the task. 2 years of unknowns can really make a person antsy to start checking things off lists again. So excited to be a part of this little challenge and hoping I can keep up! 🙂

  2. Juanita, your basement looks wonderful! After our spring flooding down here, I am missing my basement more than ever before. It is mostly empty at the moment, bare crumbing cement floor, gyproc needing to be ripped out. Devastating since the baesment had been redone in 2000 so everything was still very much in good shape, the walls, the carpet, etc. Like you, I too want my house to be home base for my boys and their friends. At the moment, it is a cold disgusting dungeon. However, with trying to be positive in 2012, we have very little snow at the moment so hopefully there will be no spring flooding this year and with the good Lord willing, we will find someone who can fix our basement so that it can be used again by our family and the little ones who spend the days here with me. My babies have learned stairs and love going up and down but there is no reason to do so in this house 😦 I love the little end table you picked up. Good luck with the house hunting. Are you still going to church in Unity?

    • I sure hope you can have a dry spring! It has to be very frustrating to have a basement you can’t use. We’ve always been “fixers” in every house we have lived in. This is the first house that we’ve had that was completely finished and we didn’t do anything to! I just want to get out, move on and get on with life. 6 months separated is just too long. I haven’t been going to church~ it just didn’t serve our family well~ no kids programs and a bland worship service. My husband is enjoying the Apostolic in Regina and I’m hoping to get there sooner than later~ we go when we visit Regina. I hope your year is starting off positive and hopeful!

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