Paint,Decor and Life Interrupted

I get myself into messes .  A lot of messes.  I get an idea and in my mind it’s easy to pull off.  However, in my mind I have loads of energy, 4 hands, 6 legs, 3 brains, and 45 hours in a day.  I do this ALL. THE.TIME.   I’m 40 and no, I haven’t learned my lesson yet…. oh well.


So, I decided last week to paint the living room and get it ready to sell. I’m having 2 open houses this weekend which folks around here tell me is useless because no one will come.  Well, they haven’t met my Jesus because he has the right buyer who NEEDS to see this house!! In faith, I have been painting and prepping.  But…then there’s Grandpa, beginning his journey home and I wanted to see him.  And there’s the cold….-50*C with the windchill today and therefore kids to pick up and take to skating and other stuff this week.

Life interrupts but the goals are still there.  I am determined to complete this task and be ready for the weekend.  OH and now my husband and kids are going to be home tomorrow night instead of Friday~ this requires an extra dose of energy, follow-through and commitment to complete the job!  I’m not fully finished but here’s where we’re at tonight:

These hideous "panels" from the previous owners have really annoyed me. And the burgundy above the fireplace was so outdated too.

Time to get up on the ladder~8ft ladder is no fun for someone afraid of heights!! Good-bye burgundy~hello "Shortbread" (Martha Stewart paint)

The piano I painted "Duck's Egg Blue" ~ suddenly a color scheme is born. My Dayspring blocks gave me inspiration for how to pull all the colors together.

Love how the colors just work together~bright green, barn red, blues and neutrals.

Lights down low~ it feels warm, cozy and spacious. Even the burgundy blinds which I can't change now have been worked into the scheme!


Last year I wanted all the oak gone. But since we're moving it has to stay as is. Now it is warmed up and I think it works!


Take what you have and go with it~you might be surprised at what you pull off!

5 thoughts on “Paint,Decor and Life Interrupted

  1. It looks BEAUTIFUL Juanita!!!!! Love the shortbread colour! I am always nervous to use bright, because I have a hard time committing to it. I love what you used though. It looks great. You are one dedicated, overcommitted, busy woman, but you seem to be pulling it off! Hopefully you will get to stay awake when your family comes home and not drop from utter exhaustion. ;o)

    • It’s actually not “bright”but it has lightened up things. Fresh and clean. Much better with the oak than the cool colours that the previous owners were using. I hope it pays off too.

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