Common Memories~ {In Which We Remember Grandpa}

It was 2 weeks ago today that our family gathered once again. This time to honour and to lay to rest the body of our father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, brother, friend.  

He was so loved.  And how do we know?  Because of us.  We, the ones left behind, are a testimony to his love and care. We gather often. Some years have passed without those gatherings and we have missed them. The years are full of memories. Common Memories.  We share the stories of Christmases past.  We hold hands and share warm hugs and we remember.

Do you remember when Grandpa would come in from afternoon chores with the wagon hitched to the team?  Yes, I remember. 

Remember all the trail rides north to Houghman’s Shack?  Oh yes, we remember.

Remember the time Grandpa and Grandma took their grandkids north on a summer campout by the lake?  They were brave and fierce in their love of their grandchildren. 

And how could we forget breakfasts at Grandpa and Grandma’s table?  Grandpa’s Bible laid open, he spoke the Word with such authority and conviction.  Long prayers where angels filled the room and glory shone on his face.  Oh, these common memories we share.  We remember.

How many times have we gathered over the years to laugh and to cry?  And those who couldn’t make it for that reunion or another Christmas, or the auction sale?  They were sure to not miss another.  Those memories draw us in.  They call to us in our sleep.  They drive us long distances just to be.  Be together.

And we are bonded by heredity ~ the familiar laugh~Grandpa’s laugh.  That smile so wide~seen in my cousins.  The twinkle in my sister’s eye.  The loving care in my dad’s voice. The common threads of who we are and where we’ve come from ~stitched into the patchwork memory quilt of our family.

So thankful are we all for these common memories that pulled at our heartstrings one more time. As we held each other and wept at the era now gone, we also rallied around our dear grandmother.  And for her, I am so grateful.  Though frail and weary, her heart and faith remain so strong.  Another common memory we now share; that her family was here in this moment.





7 thoughts on “Common Memories~ {In Which We Remember Grandpa}

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  2. I agree with Heather, this was your best one! It tugs on my heartstrings as today I found out my own dear grandfather is full of cancer. His wife has been gone for 18 years and I know he longs to be with her again in heaven. He is a man of strong faith and I was grateful to spend last weekend visiting him in the hospital. The plan was to move him into a nursing home on Tuesday, however with the extra problem of the cancer, they may just keep him where he is. I hope he can reach his 96th birthday on April 18, which is also my birthday so we can share one more birthday together, but I also don’t want him to be in pain. How I wish I lived closer to him! Hugs to you, your grandfather sounds like he was every bit as wonderful as mine!

    • Oh Jen, I feel your pain. But yes, my grandpa’s 93rd birthday would have been this Tuesday….and although we selfishly wanted one more with him I am SO happy that he’s in the arms of his Father in Heaven. Reunited with loved ones and praising Jesus all day. That’s all he ever wanted and it is the best part of death~life eternal. Will pray for your family as you walk through these next few days and weeks. It’s emotionally draining but drawing close to family is the best therapy!

  3. Thank you for sharing your gift of words with us…always enjoy your blogs and most often am cheering or murmuring a hearty “Amen”, even though I don’t always comment.
    Our family is indeed blessed and tears pour down my face at the thought that the older generation is almost gone. I just hope and pray there will be those who will step into their shoes and carry on the tradition of love and togetherness. Love you! Love my family!

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