A Letter to My Children{For Mother’s Day}

I sit here this morning, thinking of the past 18 years and how far we’ve come as a family. There was a time, although I can barely remember it, when having kids was just a dream . I lifted up prayers Heavenward ,clinging to the hope that someday I might have a little part of me to grow and raise into someone strong and beautiful.  My prayers were answered four times over.

And in these 18 years it feels as though we’ve lived a thousand lives. I have nearly died giving birth and nearly died from lack of sleep but I’d do it all over again just to see your faces.  You are what makes me get up in the morning and you are the sweet songs I sing to sleep at night.

I may not be the best cook or housekeeper.  I’m sure you’ve wanted to run away a dozen times when I didn’t understand you or have patience.  I wanted to run too.  But we’re still here; we’re still family and I still love you more today than I did yesterday.

There are probably a million moms out there who could have raised you better, taught you more, had more fun and adventures with you.  There are likely dozens of moms that you’ve seen and wished your mom was more like them.  You’ve likely been frustrated with me more times than you or I care to admit.  And that’s okay.

There may have been moms who could have done it better but there aren’t any moms who know that you like to sit on my lap, even now, at 16 years of age.  You like me to braid your hair and tickle your back.

There aren’t any other moms who know that you’ll eat my homemade cookie dough before it makes it to the pan and smile at me knowing that I did it just for you.

There aren’t any moms out there who would tackle the mess under your bed and not say a word about it just to see the relief on your face and feel the grateful hug afterwards, but I would.

And maybe there are few moms who would drive your lunch 20 miles to school because you forgot it,

or finish your project at midnight so you could sleep,

or let you stay up late to watch a hockey playoff game on a school night,

or put money in your bank account so that you can go to a movie and supper with friends,

or let you have 12 friends stay overnight and never get a wink of sleep because you’re so loud but still make breakfast for you all in the morning,

or let you eat chips and pizza for breakfast,

or buy you chocolate bars because I know how much you like chocolate,

or wash your clothes, make your bed, do your chores, cook and clean for you…………



I may have failed at many things.  I may be failing now by not being all that I could be and doing all that I should be doing. But never, ever doubt that my love for you is strong and complete and unconditional and there is NOTHING you could ever do to make me love you less or regret ever, EVER having you.  You are my heartbeats and the blood running through my veins.  Thank you for letting me be your mom.


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