Why I Don’t Want My Daughters Watching the Bachelorette.

Tonight, the Bachelorette on ABC will be raking in the ratings as women(and a few men) worldwide watch to see what Emily will do.  Emily, has been on the show before and I actually watched part of the season where she was introduced to the world.  A sweet, beautiful North Carolina belle who also happens to be a single mother.   I stopped watching a few episodes in. I found it heartbreaking, ridiculous and unrealistic.

The show is staged. There is nothing realistic about a drop-dead gorgeous woman having hair and make-up people, a wardrobe consultant and an entourage chauffeur her through the ups and downs of dating 25 ruggedly handsome, professional, well-to-do men.  I’m sorry if you love this show.  Actually, I’m just sorry for you.  And your daughters if you allow them to watch this.

The difference between this and a movie or TV drama is that these are actual real people, using their real names, going through real emotions in a completely unrealistic scenario.  It is disturbing how many young women will stop the world on Monday nights for the next 10 weeks to watch every kiss, every gesture, every intimate moment in hopes that one day they too can experience something similar.  STOP!! This is so wrong.  This will NEVER happen to you or for you.  This will never be remotely close to how you will fall in love.  You will not bungee off a bridge and horseback ride to your picnic on the beach where the potential love of your life is waiting to sweep you off your feet and kiss you long and hard.( I mean, it’s a pretty awesome dream , but really?)

My girls are just getting into the ages of desiring the glances of suitor.  They’re my daughters, so based on genes alone, they are hopeless romantics.  We love the thought of a guy being all svelt and buff and ready to woo us. Who wouldn’t like that?  But it’s not reality.  And if it does happen that way, it rarely lasts.  Why?  Because it’s based on a dreamy , superficial idea that  love is all about passion, sexy abs, long hair, impeccable looks and a limitless wardrobe of designer clothes and jewelry.  It just doesn’t happen that way.

I want my girls to fall in love with a man because he respects them and adores their laugh.  I want them to find someone who works hard and could care less if there’s rust on his truck or mud on his boots.  I want my girls to feel the kind of passion a man has when he’s on his knees in prayer and worship to his God.   I want my girls to feel so safe in the arms of man that they can cry and weep for the salvation of their unsaved friends and family and know that he is there to pray with and for her.

Ladies,  we’re buying into this soft-porn that Hollywood is selling us and it’s creating a generation of girls who are so picky about the “right guy” for them that they are ending up with broken hearts and perverted views of what love and romance are. They will never be satisfied with any man when they compare them to a contrived, staged, over-produced version of the Dating Game.   It is explicit in language and visual stimulation and it is corrupting an entire generation.

I regret ever having watched a couple of seasons of that show. But I’m thankful I shook off the obsession with it before we got in too deep.  We won’t be watching it. I have too much respect for my girls and their future husbands to even give it a second look.


2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Want My Daughters Watching the Bachelorette.

  1. Excellent blog post. I don’t watch the bachelor but I am sure there has been a lot said about her single motherhood. Our society hails single motherhood as one would a saint. Most single mothers are in that predicament because of a series of bad choices made by them. It is good that you are teaching your daughters to make good choices and that they will inevitably be responsible for any and all choices they make regarding selecting a mate and having children. Additionally, all of that bling and lavish lifestyle portrayed on the bachelor teach young girls that if a man can’t offer them the diamonds and yearly Hawaiian vacations that he isn’t worth her time. You seem to be teaching them that there is much more to a relationship between a man and a woman other than what he is able to purchase for her. Good for you! Your blog is refreshing.

  2. I also don’t want my sons to fall for the crap that one sees on shows like the bachelorette. My 14 year old has already had a few ‘girlfriends’ neither of them were the type of girl I am praying for my son to marry! Not that my own husband sets all that great an example for our sons (I struggle trying to coax him into becoming our family’s spiritual leader) I only hope that my prayers for their future wives are being heard and that God indeed does have their wives determined for them. I would like to think that God has a future husband out there for Emily but I’m afraid she’s not asking for God’s help in finding him! So what is there to watch on Monday nights lol!

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