Homemade {Seams and Stitches}

I have been up to my eyeballs in fabric, thread and sewing for the past week. I am scrambling to pull together enough stuff to sell at a farmer’s market this weekend. I should have been doing this all winter. But noooooo….procrastinator me just had to get this idea and run with it in the past couple weeks. Oh well. Here we are.

I’m actually quite enjoying the challenge.  I love fabric. I love the colours and textures and OH the possibilities!   I’ve been thrifting a bunch of retro and vintage tablecloths, sheets and pillowcases.  I have had quite a collection of vintage linens for a while and I’ve just recently decided to up-cycle all of it into usable items.  Now before you have a heart attack, let me just forewarn you that yes, I have indeed cut up vintage table cloths. Let’s face it: they are impractical to use unless you have a fancy schmancy house with a formal dining room that never gets touched.  I’d much rather see them fashioned into something useful and fun.

Here’s a few of the items I have come up with. And please, sewing purists, my sewing machine consists of varying degrees of straight stitches and zig  zags.  There is no serger used here.  And honestly, I like it that way.  The thing I love most about HOMEMADE items is that they look homemade…messy stitches and all.  No, it’s not all perfectly straight or even. But they’re all cuddly and lovely.  If I want something that looks store bought, I’ll go to a store and get a mass-produced factory item. But for me..and I think others too, the idea of buying something homemade means it looks and feels homemade.  And that’s the beauty of it.  There are no two pieces alike!

A cafe apron made from a tea towel and yes, I made my own bias tape strings!

A craft/ vendor apron made from an embroidered pillow case. So cute!

Another craft/vendor apron….appropriately named “hers” 🙂

This apron is made from a cotton curtain, some fabric scraps and a retro sheet for the ruffle. I love this one. I’m making one for myself!

A baby/toddler blanket with a nice warm fuzzy flannel pattern on one side and a lovely buttery cotton for warm summer nights on the other side. The feel of this is amazing.

It’s a tied quilt which makes it feel just a little more special.

A couple of double sided receiving blankets.

A vintage sheet paired with pink fleece! This is the perfect picnic blanket or car blanket. Soft, lightweight and big enough for two to share.

Another flannel/cotton blanket. Big enough for a toddler’s bed or as a small picnic blanket. I love the vintage peacock blue!

Another tied quilt. This one has fluffy batting.

I love this quilt. It could be a crib quilt, baby blanket, toddler blankie, or even a little lap quilt. So fluffy and soft. And who doesn’t love retro yellow/blue and green?

My absolute favourite. I don’t know how I’ll part with it. Made completely from vintage linens. The top is a 1950s linen table cloth with the bold peacock blues and greens and the other fabric is a vintage sheet. The flip side is a beautiful table cloth as well. Filled with a natural cotton batting and tied with yellow yarn bows.

I wish you could feel the weight of this. Definitely a lap quilt. I would totally use it for a summer picnic too. It would be a great backdrop for photos under a shady tree.

The back side of the quilt. Robin’s Egg blue and white . There were some signs of wear and tear on this tablecloth but only enough to give it character and a story, not enough to make me not want to use it!

Last quilt is made with two yellow/orange/green vintage sheets and a yellow flannel backing. Stuffed with fluffy batting and trimmed with another yellow sheet…..it’s a beauty too!

So, that’s PART of what I’m taking for the market…..hope I can get all the other little items done tomorrow!


One thought on “Homemade {Seams and Stitches}

  1. you are one talented woman! I too drug out one of my three sewing machines that I have found myself inadvertently collecting. It was a machine I had never used before and when saying this I must admit I have not touched a sewing machine (other than hauling one during a move) since high school home ec! I won a home ec award in grade 11. I was taking the grade 12 class at the time. I loved home ec. But as life goes, there was never much of a need for me to hone my sewing skills any further. Had I done so, taken the time to nurture those skills…..I too could be hanging out at a farmer’s market just like you!

    No, a couple of weeks ago, we visited our summer cabin and I realized I had not purchased any curtains for one of the windows. When we bought the place last summer it came completely furnished! Anything one could possibly need was out there! It was fun searching through drawers and cupboards and dressers and chests taking inventory of what we now owned! I found a brand new package of curtains from Sears, the date on the package was from 2004 I think! I opened them up and realized they must have been meant for one of the bedrooms. I hung them up and that was that. Well this year I thought if I cut the curtains in half I would have a matching set for the second bedroom which is identical to the first. So I took the curtains down, hauled them home, washed them, tried my best to iron them but the material was quite sheer and had to work with. I folded them over, cut them along the fold and hoped for the best. I could have stopped there since the ‘bottom’ of these curtains had a nice little hem which I could have easily pushed one style of curtain rod through! But no, I measured and I pinned and I had my neighbor who had recently borrowed this old sewing machine from me (which was my mother in laws) show me how to thread it! She had borrowed it months ago and watched You Tube videos until she figured it out for herself and then proceded to do the same thing, make curtains for her bedrooms!

    The curtains will probably not hang perfectly straight but they will do the trick and I am proud of myself for finally taking the time to learn how to use one of the many machines I have inherited from my mom and husband’s mom. They are no longer here to teach me but maybe I can learn on my own!

    GOOD LUCK at the Farmers Market! Wishing you warm weather and buying customers!!!

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