How Wide….{Pray for Emma}

It’s that time again…Five Minute Friday.  Did you hear? Did you know? I started joining this fabulous group of writers for 5 minutes of uninhibited writing just last week. It was my kick-start to blogging for this fall. And here we are, it’s Friday again. I haven’t even given more than 10 seconds thought into what I’m going to write for the theme this week so this should be really fun. Unless it’s really lame. We shall see.

WIDE  ~ that is the topic……here we go…….starting…………..NOW

This week I got to witness something that I have witnessed before: the width, the depth and the breadth of the Body of Christ rallying and covering a family in prayer at a critical time.

You see, my former pastor’s daughter Emma, is in ICU at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto. She was admitted last week with double pneumonia and within a couple of days the diagnosis turned to leukemia.  She is only 15(barely).  Actually, she will be 15 in October.   I remember the day she was born.  A sunny October day and our church once again had prayed that baby into thriving liveliness.  Her mom; on bed rest for 6 months with a plancental abruption. The doctors said this baby would not make it but our church rallied and prayed. The width of those prayers went farther than my mind at the time could comprehend.  And she was born, healthy and strong.

Today we rally again and the throngs of churches and people from one end of this land to the other. People from other nations. People from the south and the north, the east and the west.  People who know them and people who don’t.  We pray. We wake.  At 3 a.m. . At 5 a.m.  When God calls, we wake.  We pray and we cover this girl with a mighty wind of God’s healing words.

How deep.  How high and How WIDE is His love for us.   Pray for Emma.


And update: May 20, 2013 Emma flew fully healed, into the arms of Jesus.  See this post:


24 thoughts on “How Wide….{Pray for Emma}

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  2. Thank you Juanita! And thank you all for your prayers…we are feeling Gods strength & peace every step of the way…we were compelled during the first 10 days to entire nights of warfare prayer and thank all of you who joined with us. God is faithful! We have just finished the second round of chemo and Emma has had some really good days…days we have been able to take a deep breath and sleep full nights again;-)

    • I’m glad you are getting rest. That has been on the top of my list! Continuing to pray with you and for you and definitely we think of Emma daily. Believing that God has big plans for that girl and all of you. His Name will be glorified.

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  4. Thank you all of you for praying. Please keep Emma and her family in her prayers. She has come through 10 days of chemo, been upgraded from ICU to a room where she and her mom will stay for the next 4-6 months. Her hair has started to fall out and she has had a few days of feeling unwell and restless nights. So many battles lay ahead but thankful that Jesus has won this war. Much healing and faith building happening through this family’s story.

    • Lisa, I thought of you right away but wasn’t sure if I should contact you. Emma’s parents are Jamie and Michelle Stewart who pastor KRT in Brampton. Don’t know if you could send them a message. I just know that where you’ve been has afforded you a lot of wisdom you didn’t really want to gain. But God uses all of our meager offerings for His greater glory. I am reminded of the 5 loaves and 2 fish and I feel like this small offering of my plea for prayer is multiplying to feed thousands. Bless you.

  5. So praying for Emma. Praying for the Lord to heal her, for the Glory to rain down upon her spirit, body and soul… God is good, all the time… Lord bless Emma’s family and bless Emma beyond measure!

  6. she looks like such a lovely girl and with such an amazing story already. Lord, please touch this dear one’s body… give her doctor’s wisdom… wrap your arms around her and her family as you carry them through this time. May each one, individually and their family as a whole experience just how wide, deep, expansively lavish is your infinite love for them.

    please let us know how Emma is doing!

  7. oh. . how deep and wide is the love of Christ and expressed through the body of Christ all across the world for this precious girl. We live in Asia and will be lifting Emma up. Came over from FMF. . . asking for His mercy and kindness to bring complete healing.

  8. Hello there… visiting from 5 min friday and oh my, you have me in tears with your 5 minutes of words. Emma is so beautiful… I’m joining with you and the Church and the Body to pray over her tonight. So glad you shared her story.
    xo, Lauren Mills

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