Changing Our World, One Kindness-Bomb At a Time{Day 5 of Redeeming Christmas}

We’re not going to change the world. Let’s just get that idea off our plates right now. As long as people have free will(as it should be), they will choose the fool-hardy pursuit of things, excess, indulgence and momentary pleasure. That’s our world, we have to accept it to a point.  However, we can change our little corner of the world. We can change how we do Christmas.  We can change how our friends and neighbours VIEW  how we do Christmas~because they are watching.  And it does matter how you act behind closed doors when no one is looking. How you think in your heart and mind will directly reflect how you act outwardly.  How you treat people is directly related to what you think of them.

The people around you want the same things you want. They want to be loved. They want someone to care. They want to be heard and not judged.  They also want to be noticed. So, your homework assignment for this day is to LOOK. Really look around you.  Watch your neighbours. Watch the people on the playground.  Watch those coming out of grocery stores and gas stations. Are they happy? Do they look tired?

Smile and say hello.

Watch what happens next.  Did their head pick up? Did their shoulders relax? It’s amazing what one simple act of kindness can do to the countenance of a person.

Have you ever heard of phot0-bombing?  It’s when a person (or animal) steals the show in a photo unbeknownst to the actual subjects of the photo. It’s hilarious.

I think it’s time we started a different kind of *bombing*.  It will take a bit of planning and a lot of spontaneity.   Are you with me? Do you want to try it?

I propose we kindness-bomb the heck out of December.  In the most ridiculous, extravagant fashion. Money will definitely be a factor as will time and availability. Kindness-bombing is bigger than just random acts of kindness(which we will talk about too). Kindness-bombing requires more people doing the same thing all at once. Your small group, neighbourhood, youth group, ladies group, coffee group, family, friends….whatever organization you belong to can be involved in making a BIG impact. These require pre-planning and resources but wow…so much fun.

Here are some examples of kindness-bombing:

1. Pay for someone’s groceries at the grocery store.  Now, I have done this and the person felt awkward and embarrassed so I have come up with a good alternative.  Buy up a few hundred dollars worth of grocery store gift cards. This is one place where I actually think gift cards are ….da bomb! 🙂 Pun definitely intended.  So, let’s say by December 15 you have $300 worth of gift cards. Go into your neighbourhood store on a busy evening.  Walk through the store, pray and ask the Lord to lead you to the people who need help the most or need a lift to know that someone cares.(this is where God does miracles~~ He will have already got 1 or 2 or more people in that store who are on their last dollar and have no idea how they’ll buy what they need~~ this is where you and I come in). Walk up to them and say “Merry Christmas, God loves you and He wants me to give you this/these” …I know that’s bold, but do it. You will be shocked and amazed at the doors this opens.  Be prepared with tissues and breath mints. (seriously) Getting gift cards in $25 dollar denominations works great because you can give 1 or 2 away at a time…or drop the whole lot on one person!

2.Kindness-Bomb 7 Eleven and late night convenience  stores. Get a few people together for this. Make up treat bags of homemade cookies, hot cocoa mix and small New Testaments.  Drive around after 10 pm  and hand them out to gas station attendants and late night clerks. Most people don’t think of these folks but they have some of the loneliest , scariest jobs and they need to know someone cares. Make your bag pretty and cute or do something like a candy cane sleigh. You can have a party and get your kids to help make a ton of these in one night. Don’t make a big deal, just go say  “Merry Christmas~you deserve a treat tonight” .

3. Bomb an entire neighbourhood after a big snowstorm(those of you in the south could maybe do leaf raking or sod-turning? I have no idea). Rally the troops and go out and shovel every single driveway on your street. If the home-owners are out doing it too, just get in there and help them out. Knock off 10 houses in 15 minutes. Do sidewalks too. Get as many people in one place as you can and try to pick neighbourhoods that are low income, rental housing or senior areas.

4. The cookie kindness-bomb.  In every city, every single night of the week there are people on duty to keep us safe. And sometimes they go weeks or months without any thanks. They are our public servants. This is easy: bake up several kinds of homemade treats and take a platter to your local police station and every fire hall. And if you have a mall or common area where buses line up at certain hours of the day, go and take cookie bags to each and every bus driver sitting and waiting. All you have to say  is “Merry Christmas and Thanks for what you do”

Are you getting the idea? Does this sound like fun or what?

The idea of a kindness-bomb is BIG impact with a LOT of people in a SHORT amount of time. Random acts of kindness can be done on a smaller scale but the purpose of a bomb is to MAKE JESUS FAMOUS. If we’re going to Redeem Christmas, sometimes we have to get loud! Renovations are not meek events; they are loud and explosive.  That’s the mission.

Now, share some of your ideas of how your group or family can perform a Kindness-Bomb.

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10 thoughts on “Changing Our World, One Kindness-Bomb At a Time{Day 5 of Redeeming Christmas}

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  3. you are onto something here! I have noticed that even something as simple as opening doors, letting someone else go ahead of you in a long line-up etc does wonders for people’s morale. If you are like me at the moment, there isn’t any extra to go around in the money department…but there are ways to help out…like your idea of shoveling walks or driveways. Makes me want to be even more creative in thinking of things to do.

  4. My friend Tammy Ward sent me the link to your blog. You’ve stated some of the same ideas I’ve thought of but have never acted on. This year, this season, is the time to do it. Thanks for the great inspiration!

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