Consumable Gifts {Day 11 of Redeeming Christmas series}

Hey friends.  I’ve had a migraine for 2 days. And I’m PMSing. Great? Not so much. To top it off, I am making a 5 hour trip to help my husband repair our farm house roof which was damaged in a hail storm a few weeks ago. Pray for us. 😦  This is going to be a hard week.

So….I am scrambling to pre-schedule a bunch of posts. Don’t know how far I’ll get but I will get caught up next week!

Today, we’re talking consumable gifts. One of my very favorite things. Redeeming Christmas for me, is leaving behind the need   perception that I should buy something, regardless of what it is. We are a society of stuff. We are drowning in the things around us. Things. Junk. Stuff. Call it what you will but we have too much.  One way to combat that at Christmas is to give gifts that are consumables.  Things that we use and need more of. Things that we can eat, wear, drink…..but that run out.  This is where the whole bath salt/bubble bath craze can have its place EXCEPT for the small fact that we’ve kind of out done ourselves on bath products.   Don’t get me wrong. I’m the bath queen. I love my epsom salts, bubble bath and bath oils. But not for Christmas gifts, thanks.

So, here’s a few ideas for giving gifts of the consumable kind, that will put a smile on anyone’s face:

  • A teen girl: various nail polishes, nail polish remover, Q-tips, cotton balls wrapped up nice and fancy-cute.

  • A teen boy: Cologne, razors(not the cheap dollar store crap-get some manly Schick Quantum or something),a favorite chocolate bar and an i-Tunes gift card. (remember to wrap it nice~maybe in a new bandana?)
  • A new driver: car air fresheners(who doesn’t love the little trees?), ArmorAll wipes, car emergency kit and first aid kit-may not be the most glamorous gift but it’s necessary, needed and unlikely to be purchased if someone doesn’t do it for them!
  • New parents(mentioned this previously but it deserves repeating): laundry hamper with diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream, baby shampoo, baby food, laundry soap, fabric softener and wrapped up in a receiving blanket perhaps?
  • Basket of homemade jams, jellies and pickles
  • Box of your special sugar cookies~remember: WRAP IT NICE!
  • S’mores kit : Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Chocolate and tea lights!

  • A box or basket filled with warm beverages to get through the season: Apple Cider, Teas in various flavours, Hot Cocoa, Specialty Coffee like Starbucks Christmas Blend and throw in a bottle of Bailey’s too. 🙂
  • Make homemade pizza but don’t bake it. Freeze it, wrap it up in cellophane and deliver to your friends the weekend before Christmas. Most people are tapped out financially and not cooking much the week before Christmas.
  • Frozen cookie doughs. Maybe 2 or 3 wrapped up in Saran Wrap and then wrapped in tissue with baking directions on a tag.
  • A Good-Christmas-Morning basket: Pancake mix and a new flipper, Orange Juice, some specialty syrup, Spice tea, Coffee, some good Canadian Maple Bacon(yes please!), a can of whipped cream and some fresh berries.  Do you have any idea how GREAT a gift this is?
  • Turkey Fixin’s Basket(deliver a week or two early~great for a single mom or struggling family): Turkey Stuffing mix, can of cranberries, pkgs of jello, pie crusts and pie filling mix, Gravy mix, bag of potatoes, Cans of corn, ….you get the message. Oh and for Heaven’s sake, throw in a turkey too! 🙂
  • A Christmas Tree. Yes! A real one.  We did this our first year of marriage for friends who had no money to buy one. We barely had enough ourselves but it was SO MUCH FUN delivering a real tree to our friends and helping them decorate it!
  • Snack attack Basket: Various chips, nuts, chewy treats, crackers, cookies, pepperoni sticks, jerky. Great for newlyweds or college kids.
  • Ice Cream Basket: Ice Cream cones, sprinkles, caramel, fudge and strawberry toppings, a bucket of ice cream and a scoop!

You could probably think of dozens more ideas. I’m just trying to get your wheels turning.  And because most of these are presented in a basket, it’s not like you’re delivering a bag of groceries.  Baskets are in abundance at our local thrift shop for a fraction of what they would be in major department stores. Be creative. Be intentional. Be generous. And have fun!


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