Thrifted and Vintage Gifts {Day 12 of Redeeming Christmas}

I’m loving thrift stores since we moved to the city! Let me tell you folks: these ain’t yo’ mama’s  thrift stores! Nope, not anymore. Thrift stores are absolutely bursting at the seams with all kinds of clothing, giftware, furniture, housewares, seasonal items and bedding! Many of them are hardly used. Most of the clothing is brand name and in great condition.


I am going to attempt to convince my family to go the thrift store route this year on most of our gift-giving.  Here’s why:  I’m tired of the stuff that I see in every store that is a repeat of the last store. I’m tired of giving my hard-earned dollars to the government tax system that seems to be getting us no further ahead.  I’m tired of buying CRAP(ya, I said it) that was made somewhere else by people who are barely scraping together enough to eat. I want the quality and rarity of items that our parents and grandparents once enjoyed. And so, I thrift.

Here are some thrifty gift items:

~a long sweater, knee-high boots and a chunky scarf~ total price $20.  What teenage girl isn’t going to love that?

~a leather jacket~ HELLO!

~Vintage bedding(oh my heart….I LOVE vintage linens!)~repurposed or as they are.

~I found some adorable, barely used vintage aprons for $.99 each. Put them with an old copy of Betty Crocker’s cookbook, Julia Child’s cookbook or some other vintage-y cookbook and then add a DVD copy of the movie Julie & Julia for a vintage lover. Perfect!

~ Vintage books….by the hundreds! Bundle them with twine and a sprig of holly and evergreen.

~ Vintage suitcases are very trendy and coveted by the younger generation.

~ My husband bought a 12 piece place setting of Christmas dishes for me~cups, saucers, glass tumblers, serving platters, tea service..there must be over 100 pieces. The price? $20. No kidding!

~Vintage cameras for a photographer~they are lovely and collectible. And cheap!

~Baby clothes are a steal at thrift stores because babies grow out of them so fast, there is no time to stain them!

~Gently used toys are another great idea. Your kids don’t know or won’t care.

~ Vintage toys like Fisher Price garage or boats are so cool if you can find them. We have some locally for sale for about $25 average.

~Afgahns.  I usually stay away from these but lately, I have been drawn to them. I found one for $3 that had never been used. The last row of stitches wasn’t even tied off and it’s gorgeous.  I have now found several others that are gently used and beautiful. Someone took great care and time to make them and for me, that makes them priceless.

Go into a thrift store and look at the potential of everything. Go in with an open mind. If you are crafty, you can probably find several uses for many *old* things. Repurposing, upcycling. Google these words and let your imagination soar!


3 thoughts on “Thrifted and Vintage Gifts {Day 12 of Redeeming Christmas}

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    • It bugs me a lot ALL the time!! Thrift shopping here is super fun- I am finding all kinds of stuff but I can’t justify buying most of it. Sask is bursting at the seams from years of hoarding. Let me know if you’re ever looking for something unique or just plain cheap. I can help! 🙂

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