The Ones Who Hate Christmas {day 15 of Redeeming Christmas}

I’ve been trying to figure out for years why some people absolutely  LOVE Christmas (like me) and others dread it,hate it, even loathe it.  I could be wrong but I think one of the major pitfalls is putting way too much emphasis on one day.  Remember this whole redeeming theme is about doing things better. Different. More intentional. Renovating our thoughts and attitudes takes some shifting of gears.

I have always loved Christmas because I treat it like a season. I warm into it. I decorate. Listen to carols. Decorate some more. Bake some cookies. Go to a concert. Drive around and look at Christmas light displays, make a gift, write in some cards, volunteer at a soup kitchen. Do what you like, but don’t do it all.

Perhaps in th focus on a five course meal for turkey dinner, the brunch that precedes it, the gifts that preceded that and the preparation of every detail, we have come to hate the entire process because it’s over before we can truly enjoy it or we don’t have time to enjoy it because we’re the ones who have placed all the expectations on ourselves that no one else asked  for.

if all of your Christmas planning is focused entirely on Christmas Day and nothing else then it is no wonder you get stressed. It is also not a surprise that you are let down, exhausted, sick and fed up when the day is over.

Read Matthew 11:28-30. In Jesus’ own words He says, ” my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.

Hmmm, sounds like the perfect sentiment in our quest to redeem Chistmas from the chaos.

Easy and light.  That is what Christmas Day should be. That is why Jesus came.

—–this post was typed with much frustration on an iPad. We’ll see if I can manage it tomorrow otherwise there way be a couple days’ wait for more! Still hanging out on a roof top with my husbanding: day 5!——–



4 thoughts on “The Ones Who Hate Christmas {day 15 of Redeeming Christmas}

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  3. O my…. Are you prophetic????? I DO think that God has used you to talk to my troubles heart over my stress about Christmas! I have been praying for God to help my attitude about Christmas, I dread it! I put too much expectations on myself ( and family) and am always tired , disappointed and wondering what was good about Christmas. I pray that I will enjoy it this year after I have examined my heart and found it lacking the joy that God can give. Thanks for helping me figure this out and …… We will not be inviting you guys here till AFTER Christmas 🙂

  4. Your right Juanita, the season itself needs to be savored. Things should be done out of love not pressure and the need to do it. If you aren’t loving what you are doing to prepare then why are you doing it? We need to re-evaluate ‘WHY’ we are doing the things we do.

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