Day 18 of Redeeming Christmas: A Radical Idea

May I suggest something rather radical to you?

Pray about your Christmas.

I have thrown a TON of ideas at you already about gift giving, thoughtfulness, kindness, community involvement and the redemption of Christmas from the cycles of consumption and greed.

But I feel convicted.

I must confess that I have not prayed that much about Christmas over the years.  I have not consulted the Father on what He would like from ME.  We used to sing a song, many many years ago:

” What can I give to the King?

What can I give to the One who has everything?

What can I give? What gifts can I bring?

What can I give to the King…”

And so, here is my radical idea.  That we all stop and pray. Let us ask the One who GAVE the Gift of Christmas.


Humbly and without expectation for any answer, let us just lay all of our tired, aching, exhausted, greedy, perfectionist selves at His feet and ask what He would like us to get out of Christmas this year.  I do believe, as I have come to know Him, that He will answer.  And very likely His answer to each of us will be a little different.  That is what is so great about Jesus. He is the gift that keeps giving and He is as personalized as a set of monogrammed Sears bath towels. (kind of, but not really) .

And then, would you share? Let us know here, whenever you may get that answer, what it is that you feel the Lord is asking of you for this Christmas. Maybe it’s as simple as doing a weekly Advent devotional with your family .  Maybe it’s serving homeless folks on Christmas Day rather than serving yourselves. Or maybe, He’ll ask you to donate all of your Christmas spending money to an orphanage in Haiti.  I’d love to hear what you’re giving to Jesus. And what He’s giving to you.

Peace. Love. Joy.



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