Just One Thing {Day 21}

 John 10:10 “I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.” (Jesus’ words) 

In our quest to redeem Christmas, we have talked about giving gifts cheerfully, taking a step back from the chaotic rat race of having to have everything just perfect for Christmas Day, giving to others, and savouring the season.

One thing we haven’t addressed is how we often pursue the things that we think are necessary and expected but rarely do we indulge in something that we are passionate about.

We’re all good at something. We all have dreams and visions, passions and talents.  But for some reason at Christmas we punish ourselves into NOT indulging in something that we really love because we’re too busy with decorating, eating, prepping, shopping and planning.

So this year, let’s redeem that notion that we don’t deserve to be filled with joy…abundantly.  Jesus came so that we could have ABUNDANT life; life to the fullest!

I am going to challenge you to pick ONE thing(or more if you want to be really adventurous)~ Pick one thing that you have always wanted to do for Christmas, at Christmas, during December, during the holidays. You probably are already thinking of it now. There’s something we all wish that we could do but we never allow ourselves the time or effort to do it.  Well, this year, let’s do that thing!   Here’s some of the ideas I’ve had..

  • horse drawn sleigh ride on Christmas Eve(surely I could find someone to do that like we used to do on the farm)
  • renting a cabin for a couple of days over Christmas and spending it by a fire, reading, playing games with family, cozy and warm
  • going to the Nutcracker ballet
  • visiting Nashville during December and attending at least one concert at the Grand Ole Opry where it’s all lit up
  • surprising one of our close friends or distant family by showing up on their doorstep Christmas Eve
  • and finally….the one I’m going to attempt this year:

I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house from scratch, not a kit, and go all out in the decorating.  A log cabin style or something more elaborate like a Victorian Style house and barn….not sure but I so want to spend 6 weeks and just putter away at it. This is my goal for this year. Enough procrastinating and talking myself out of it. I’m doing it this year!

Now, what are YOU going to do that you’ve always wanted to do?  Please share!! Let’s inspire each other and then after Christmas I’ll do a link up party for everyone to show off what they’ve done.


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