Mess With Your Traditions {Day 19 of 31 Days to Redeeming Christmas}

A few days I posted about the people who hate Christmas.  You know; they’re the ones who dread December 25 because they literally put all their ornaments on one tree~so to speak.  If you gear up for one day, you will be disappointed. It will be over before you have a chance to enjoy it and you will be too exhausted to care. And thus begins the spiral of hatred for a day that should be lovely and awesome and hilariously joyful.

So, I was thinking….what if we messed with some traditions this year?  What if we did things *out of order*.  What if instead of waiting for December or Christmas Eve , we actually took some of our time honored traditions and did them early. And just enjoyed them for what they are.

Here’s an idea: I often buy Christmas pjs for my family. Whether we open our gifts on Christmas Eve(I’ll get to that in a couple days) or Christmas morning, we always have fresh new pjs for our sleep on December 24.  I enjoy buying something fuzzy, warm and cute for everyone in the family.  But this year, I’m thinking about buying them REALLY early.  Like….November. Why?  Well, why not??

I think having new jammies to sleep in for all of December might be a cool, fun way to mess with our traditions! In fact….just writing about this is giving me all kinds of ideas for how to mess with our scheduled traditions leading up to Christmas Day.  Here’s a few more:

  • set up your tree in November! Yes, you heard me. Do it!! You’ll enjoy it! Festive for a month or more makes everyone happy and then you’re not rushing later in the month to get it all done
  • Do you write a Christmas letter every year? Do you send out cards? Why not wait until after Christmas and send a New Years’ Letter instead? After the dust settles and you have a chance to catch your breath, it’s a nice way to sit down and reflect on the past year.
  • Do you hide all your gifts until Christmas Eve and then put them under the tree?  I don’t. The beautiful paper is part of my decorations. I convinced my friend Julia a few years ago to make the switch~she was a dedicated Christmas Eve-r. DEDICATED. But she switched…and she loves it! Why hide all those gifts? Isn’t the fun of anticipation seeing them under the tree for a few weeks? And yes, I have 4 kids . And yes, they are curious. But no, we had a rule: no touching. They have always loved to watch the pile grow under the tree.  Your kids are just as excited as you are but they’re good about waiting.(and I admit, I hide the tags or mark them so only I know who they’re for so no one is tempted to sneak a peek.)
  • Is Santa a part of your traditions? I’m going to do an entire post on Santa this week. But if you want to mess with your traditions and redeem a part of Christmas, consider getting Santa to take a back seat this year. He’s not the end all and be all of Christmas. Maybe instead of a gift to your kids, Santa could send them a letter and tell them there are kids in other countries that need clothes and food more than they need toys. And then use “Santa’s money” to donate to a Compassion, World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse or another aid organization.
  • Do you give all of your extended family Christmas gifts? This year, give them a PRE-Christmas gift. Something they can use for the season but lets them know you are thinking of them. Tomorrow: Christmas in a Box will answer that question for you.


Do you have any ideas for how you could mess with your traditions this year? Do something early? Or later? Or not at all? It’s okay to change things up. Sometimes it’s the change of things that inspires new life into something that was tired, old and out-dated.

Looking forward to this weeks’ posts and many more ideas for redeeming  Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Mess With Your Traditions {Day 19 of 31 Days to Redeeming Christmas}

  1. I’m behind on my reading but I love this post, especially on Santa. My youngest is 13 but we still talk about Santa. His gifts are not as special as family gifts. We also put out our presents as they are wrapped. My kids love it. They love to look (we do let them touch) so far no one has peeked. But I love watching them get so excited about what’s under that tree. One year, my mother-in-law asked one of my sons what he wanted for Christmas. He said he wanted his own 12 pack of his favorite soda that he did not have to share. It’s been a tradition ever since and has grown to include favorite candy, cookies, crackers, and cheese. That is what they get Christmas morning.

  2. I guess this is not messing with tradition but I shop for christmas all year long and tuck away (especially stocking stuffers) things that I find that are perfect for those who get from me. My favorite time to shop is after Christmas when everything is marked down…all my wrapping paper (can afford beautiful paper that I would never buy at the regular price), tags, ribbon, decorations etc. This year my whole family will be home for Christmas and I am so excited! One of our traditions is Christmas Slush and I am going to make it in Nov. And yes why not elongate the season….haha.

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