Embracing The Season(and maybe a hint at a guest post) {Day 24}

I’m trying to convince my friend Jenna, from www.troublefacemom.com to do a guest post about Christmas. You should check out her comment in yesterday’s post about The Problem with Santa.  She made some points that I had been pondering and would have posted this weekend but I think she’ll do a better job. So this is my way of outing her and inviting her all at once. Jenna, PLEASE, for the love of Christmas….do a guest post! 🙂


I have often looked at Christmas in two parts. The holy holiday Christmas part and the wintery,cozy, decorated part. For me, being a Canadian on the cold bald prairie, winter is a time to hunker down, get warm, read books, do puzzles and make my home welcoming.   We don’t do a lot outdoors in December and January because it’s just too cold and dark for more hours in the day than it is light.  This is why I love to decorate my house early. Christmas is literally the only thing that breaks up 4-6 months of winter.

Imagine if Thanksgiving were not in the fall, but in the spring.  We wouldn’t use pumpkins and warm tones to decorate.  Or what if Independence Day or Canada Day weren’t in July but in January? Would we have parades and watermelon?   You see, our seasons dictate how we celebrate occasions, holidays and even how we feel about those days.  If you hate winter, you may come to hate Christmas, which isn’t really fair.  You have to find a way to separate the holiday from the season but then also, bring the two together in such a way that you can fully embrace both.

So when those first flakes start to fall, I naturally yearn to pull out some twinkly lights and bake some shortbread. It’s just what we do!

I’ve been pinning a lot lately.  Do you pin? Do you know what pinning is?  Come on over to Pinterest and see.  Here’s a few of my recent pins on Christmas, decorating and winter.  Doesn’t it make you just want to curl up under a warm blanket and listen to some soft Christmas music?



5 thoughts on “Embracing The Season(and maybe a hint at a guest post) {Day 24}

  1. I totally agree with you. My parents decided that we wouldn’t do Santa as kids and I am so thankful that they made that decision. My mom wanted us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and understand that it truly is better to give than receive. My brothers and I knew that Santa was not real, but we weren’t allow to spoil it for other kids at church, school, etc. Mom must have threatened us within an inch of our lives to keep us quiet! She told us that our family did not believe in Santa, but that other kids did and that we needed to keep it to ourselves, so we did.

    I’m not sure why people think it’s so great to lie to their kids and deal with the terrible disappointment that ensues. My group of high school girls at church can vividly recall the date and place when they discovered that Santa didn’t exist. A couple of them are still bitter about it. All I know that is when my husband and I have kids we will celebrate the birth of Jesus and what He did for us rather than a fictional man!

  2. Twist my arm why don’t ya. LOL. I’d love to do a guest post. I’m also working on launching a brand new blog with a *very* cool organization next week, so anytime after Tuesday is good. What day do you want it? I promise to be on my best behavior. 😉

    • Just get it to me whenever is good and I’ll post it when it fits in. My Redeeming Christmas series is up on Wednesday but I don’t mind posting it after that….there will be a running Christmas theme for the next 2 months anyway. THANK YOU!

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