The Sights. The Sounds. The Smells ….of Christmas{Day28}

I don’t think there’s any question that Christmas~the word~means different things to different people. In this series to Redeeming Christmas, I have been trying to get us to focus on the simple message of Christ, His birth, His sacrifice, His gift.  Redeeming Christmas is all about taking the things we love about Christmas and doing them better, different and in such a way that we point others to the person of Jesus Christ.

As a mom, there is no better way to show Christ to my children than modeling Him in all that I do and say. And for my little kids, I used the tangible; the everyday, the ordinary things that others may take for granted and make my children think about Jesus.

Some of these things may seem elementary. Others may seem silly to “spiritualize” inanimate objects.  But I have found, now that my kids are older, they still remember these stories and themes.  That is really the point.  When people come into your home, do they SEE the theme of Redeeming Love? Do they see Jesus? Do they see your faith in action? Do they see that you are not ashamed of the gospel? You would be surprised at what people will remember and how the simplest effort can make a lasting impact.  Here are some for you to consider:

  • Red is a colour we associate with Christmas. It is a colour of passion and love. There is no greater love and no more intense passion than that of Christ laying down his life, shedding His BLOOD for the redemption of mankind. Make sure your kids know this.
  • Green ~our evergreen trees….they are EVERgreen to remind us of EVERLASTING life.
  • Gold~one of the 3 gifts brought to Jesus from the Magi. It is rare and valuable….just as we are to God. It also reminds us that the rare and special gifts are the best. 😉
  • Candy Canes~ red and white in the shape of a Shepherd’s hook.  They remind us that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who would give up His life for just one of His sheep.  Red and white to show that His blood has washed us white as snow. Also, upside down it is the letter “J” for Jesus! 
  • Nativity Scenes~ one of my most treasured seasonal decorations is our cardboard nativity set that we have used for the past 20 Christmases. It is a reminder of the simple way in which Jesus became a man to show us the way to eternal life

  • Angels~ Heavenly messengers bringing us the Good News of Jesus’ birth
  • Stars~Probably one of my favourite decorations because it means HOPE and FAITH.  The Wise Men followed the star…not really knowing where it would lead, but they were confident of the Hope of what it offered. It took them a lot of faith to follow something they didn’t understand and couldn’t see.

Cinnamon and Nutmeg~ the spices that we use during this season are a great way to remind us of Frankensense and Myrrh which the Wise Men also gave to Jesus. Special and symbolic…the spices were used in the burial of Jesus after His death.

  • Carols~ It always warms my heart to hear  “O Come Let us Adore Him, Christ the Lord” , ” Joy to the World, the Lord is Come”  and “O Holy Night~ When Christ Was Born”‘  playing in malls, stores and other venues of a month every year. Play them long, play them loud, play them for all to hear.  They have a message and the message is good news!


  • Decorations~ use the names of Jesus creatively in your decor. Use words on your doors, your houses, your walls, your tree, your gifts, your cards, your letters……WORDS are powerful.  Holy, Glory, Jesus, Christ, Redeemer, Faith, Hope, Love.

There are many more. You just have to use some creativity…and Google. You will find that it is very easy to tell and share the story of Christ at Christmas. Your children, your neighbours, your family and friends will hear it, receive it and they will be blessed.


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