Day after day, week after week, month after month , this blog post from October , 2010 continues to be my most read post. Google searches for “Can of Coke” or “Christmas oranges” or just “Christmas mood” lead people here time after time. It is shocking how many hits this one post has. And so, as I’m taking a break from new content, I give you some of my favourite, most read, most talked about posts…starting with this one.

Once Upon a Prairie....

Why does Coca-Cola in the can always taste better than out of a bottle?

And why does the Coke from a glass bottle taste better than ANY of it?!!

I don’t know, and I don’t want anyone giving me a chemist’s scientific breakdown on the amount of aluminum or other chemicals that I’m putting into my body. Let me enjoy the best beverage on the planet in peace!

So, I have my CAN of Coke and now I need some Christmas oranges.  Christmas oranges are NOT any old mandarin oranges.  They are the very BEST mandarin oranges with the crinkly green paper that we used to save and make paper snowflakes out of.   The BEST mandarin oranges are from Japan(not China, sorry).  They have the softer peel that a 2 year old can manage and they are sweet beyond description.  **sigh** I can smell them already!!   I think the greenhouses…

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