Christmas Home Tour {Part 1}

I love Christmas? Did you know? How could you possibly tell??

But this year I’m not counting down. I refuse to. Friends have countdown calendars. The kids are reminded daily in school of how many more days are left until Santa comes. Shoppers are told how many shopping days are left(which, incidentally, is now the same as the # of days till Christmas since we no longer have closed stores any day of the week). And all of it~ just makes me feel sad.  I’m sad that everyone is counting down and focused on THAT day and not enjoying THIS day.  There is so much to pack into this season.  It is a season.  And that’s why I wrote about the ones who hate Christmas.  All of this counting down is making us feel rushed and hurried and bothered and flustered.  So, I’m not counting down.  I have  no desire to care or know how many more days there are until the 25th of the month, because, well, there’s a 25th in every month and it takes roughly the same amount of time to get there as it did last month.

In the hopes of redeeming these days, I instead focus on making a new corner of my home more festive.  More cozy.  More like a place I want to be.  So, I’m going to take you on a tour.  I admit I am not done.  I never really get done.  Christmas decorations often get tweaked and moved and adjusted in my house.   I’m still working on a couple of key areas that never really had the proper attention given to them.

Today, I will show you a peek at our master bedroom. It’s been a neglected corner of our house since we moved in August. A dumping ground for random bathroom items that don’t fit in either upstairs bathroom, a mis-match of tacky 1960s  rattan wallpaper and my desire to make it soothing and peaceful.  So, this is what I did….

IMG_6854 (1280x853)

Bottle brush trees~which I love.

IMG_6856 (853x1280)

Aren’t they so festive?

IMG_6860 (853x1280)

Dayspring cloche (which is on sale right now for a steal!). Feels like a snow globe.

IMG_6863 (853x1280)

Vintage 3 tiered serving tray($3) and vintage ball ornaments

Chenille bedspread-thrifted.IKEA lighted wreath. Cozy.

Chenille bedspread-thrifted.IKEA lighted wreath. Cozy.

IMG_6889 (1280x853)

Buddy loves my bed~ and he suits the decor so I think I’ll keep him! 😉


I love looking around my house to find what can fit with what I’m trying to do. I’ve had this little wood sign for years and it just suits my theme here so well!



IMG_7287 (1024x683)_resize

I’ve had this Coca-Cola poster for several years~it is an original. Found this IKEA poster frame we’ve had for a long time and it just suited perfectly.


Tomorrow I will post my living room ~I’m still working on it so I need the day to get it done!

In the mean time, I have a little contest going on  on my FB page.  Go check it out.  “LIKING” my page gets you your name in the draw, sharing it on your page gets you another chance to win and finally, following me on Pinterest will get you a third chance to win!  Just a little seasonal fun and who doesn’t like getting something free?  Please share!

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