31 Days {Facebook 101~Putting Thought into Social Networking}

I’m doing it again!  But not only again, I’m doubling up. Actually….let me explain:


2 years ago I participated in my very first 31 Days of Blogging for October. There were probably a few hundred bloggers doing the same thing and we all linked up with The Nester who started this idea 5 years ago.  I admit my first attempt was lame and I was unprepared.

Last year, I was inspired.  I decided to give it another try and my topic was 31 Days to Redeeming Christmas. It was , and still remains, some of my most inspired writing. I even refer to my own “advice” and have re-read most of those blogs numerous times.  So, how do I top that?

Well, I don’t.  I’m just doing something very different this year.

I have noticed over the past year that Facebook has become a tool, a weapon, a force …in the world. I love it. But I have friends and family who loathe it with every fibre of their being.  I want to bring some common sense and humanity back to Facebook and social networking in general. Everything we do- both off line and online matters. It matters for us, it matters to us and it matters in light of eternity.  So I’m attempting to give us all 31 days to redeem, restore, revamp and retool our use of Facebook and the internet.   Some of our topics will be :

1. Introverts and Extroverts on the web

2. What’s up with all those spammy links?

3. Who to friend.

4. When am I oversharing?

5. Guarding your eyes and your hearts.

6. How to de-friend graciously.

7. What the BLOCK option is really for.

8. Kids on Facebook.

9. Facebook is My Living Room

10. How to Purge

11. Self-editing

12. Comments and Likes

13. The conspiracy theory.

…..and SO MUCH MORE!fb button



ALSO…….as if that wasn’t enough…….every day, I will post the link to last year’s coinciding post about redeeming Christmas.  It’s that time of year to start planning and being intentional about the most blessed, loved, and sometimes overwhelming season of the year.

But I’m not done…….nope.  I have another blog. Ugh. Yes I do. It’s a little side business I started this summer. I am thrifting like a maniac and painting up a storm. My blog and Facebook page are just in the beginning stages but I have so many cool things to share so I will be doing 31 Days of Thrifting and Painting. You can catch up here:  http://prairievintage.wordpress.com/2013/09/29/31-days-thrifted-and-painted/  

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