Day 1~ Let’s Talk About Your Facebook Profile

Welcome to all new readers joining me from The Nester’s 31 Days Blogapalooza!

I am double dipping on this thing and we’ll see when I come unraveled. Maybe today? Since I’m already late with my first post……eek!

Okay, so. Facebook.  That’s why you’re here.  Let’s talk about it. Let’s unpack all the secrets and let’s figure out how to do this right!

First of all, I think we all need to understand that Facebook is not evil. Facebook is not the enemy.  Facebook is a tool. And if you look at it that way, you’re further ahead than 500 million people who are using it incorrectly.  Statistically, there are apparently 1.2 billion registered users of Facebook. That’s a whole lotta sharing going on!   In reality, I would think that less than 40% of those are actually using it to keep in touch with family.  And even less than that are even on it once a week.  There are a lot of dummy profiles and a lot of neglected profiles.

You may fall into the category of not really getting what all the fuss is about.  Maybe you heard something about someone in 2008 and there was a friend of a friend who didn’t like what got posted on someone’s wall and you decided then and there you would never degrade yourself by signing up to be “friended” or Heaven-forbid  “de-friended” .

Whatever your story, whatever your thinking, let me tell you now- the Facebook of 2013 is NOT the Facebook of 2007, or 2009 or even 2011. A lot has changed since I signed on in April of 2007 and I’m thankful for it.  Those early days were crazy and I did, posted, shared a lot that I would never post now. So I’m happy to share what I’ve learned and I’m also hoping some of you social media aficionados can share your wealth of knowledge with me too!

So where do we begin? How do we use this global phenomenon responsibly and effectively?  How do we share without over-sharing?  How do we become a part of a community online without giving up our privacy off line?  And how do we manage to be real in a virtual world?

For today, let’s just all take a deep breath and look at our online persona from the perspective of an outsider.  Are you on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram or some other social networking site?  I want you to go to your profile right now. Yes, now.  Open a new window and go look at your profile.  Look at the picture you have of your cover photo. Look at your profile photo.  Look at your last post- be it a status or a photo you shared.

Now go look at your “about” section.

Is there anything in what you just looked at, that gives you pause?  Is there anything that makes you think “hey, that’s not really me”  or “that’s not really how I want people to think of me”.   Maybe you’re a lot more fun than your profile leads you to believe.  Maybe you’re more reserved.  Maybe you posted something that embarrasses you or your kids or your spouse.  Whatever it is, think about why it’s there; what led you to post it and what you’re going to do about it.

Each day we will talk about a different area of our online persona.  But also I want you to get a grasp on how you can do it better, be better, and be real.

In our house, Facebook is our living room. If you wouldn’t say it, share it, friend them, invite them over or do that in our living room, you have no business doing it on Facebook.  When I invite you in for coffee and I open my home to you, I have entered into a trust contract with you and you have with me.  We open up and we share with the thinking that our privacy, space and integrity are valued and protected. If one of us breaks that contract, the “friendship” is over.  That is what Facebook is to me.

Tomorrow……we’re talking introverts and extroverts. There is a difference as to how each one perceives Facebook and online sharing!

Last year’s 31 Days’  topic was on Redeeming Christmas. My Day 1 post is here if you’d like to read it: Breaking Up with The Hamster Wheel of Christmas Chaos

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