Day 4~ What You Post Matters

You may have noticed I’m behind on today’s post. With that OTHER blog and all the stuff going on at home, I am realizing this may be harder than first anticipated. But I still want to do my best for this blog and Facebook 101- 31 Days or whatever it ends up being!

Today, I was thinking about what I post on Facebook. And how sometimes I know I’ve alienated people. Not intentionally , of course, but in retrospect I went overboard with some things.

I’ve said it before and I will say it often in this series: Facebook is my living room. I invite you in; we sit , we chat, we laugh, we love and you go home and I close the door until we meet again tomorrow.  I keep this picture in the back of my mind often because what I post matters.  What you post matters.  It matters in tone. It matters in substance.

I have done it wrong.

I have thought wrong. Posted wrong. Commented wrong.  I have been wrong.

And I deleted. I have deleted statuses, photos and comments. Because when I looked back it wasn’t conveyed right. It wasn’t appropriate. It was too harsh. It was too abrasive. It was something that I am not.

Keep in mind who reads your posts. Family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, loved ones.

What you post matters.

My mantra- my guideline is this:

      Finally, friends, whatever is true, whatever is noble,  whatever is right,
      whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything  is
      excellent or praiseworthy—post about such things.  ~Philippians 4:8  (my paraphrase)
      For more on this series, click here: Facebook 101
      For my other blog: Thrifted and Painted

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