Day 6- Unfriending 101

So, you have all these friends and now you have realized maybe you don’t feel so comfortable sharing that your mom is sick or that your daughter is stressed about a new job.

Maybe you’re contemplating every post because you just don’t really know who’s reading it.

Well, it’s time to unfriend.

Some people think it’s so cruel and ruthless.  It’s not. It’s the right thing to do and it’s necessary to do once every couple months.

The old friend list purge is now a welcome routine in our house.  It never hurts to open up your list and go through it casually.  Then go through it again and consider all of your feelings and dealings with that person.  Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I know this person?

2. Do I know anything about this person?

3. Does this person know me?

4. Does this person ever comment on my statuses or photos?

5. Do I ever comment on their statuses or photos?

6. Is there anything on this person’s profile that makes me feel uncomfortable or offended?

7. Would this person be welcome in my living room any time?

8. Will I miss this person’s posts if they are gone from my Facebook?

If 4 or more of these questions were answered ‘no’, then it’s time to unfriend.

Do not feel guilt. Just do it and you will feel relieved.

There have been times when I have added a person because they requested my friendship but I wasn’t entirely sure if that was a good idea.

In these cases I take a bit of time to view their photos, their posts and find out a bit more about them.  If anything…and I mean ANYTHING sends up a red flag that makes me feel uncomfortable, I quickly delete them.  And in some cases, I block them. There’s no point in getting messages as to why and what happened.  Just defriend, block and walk away.

One other thing about family and Facebook:  I’ve already said that sharing heredity and last name are not free passes to Facebook friendship, but often we add because we believe the best.  I always prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt….at first.  But sometimes even family disappoint.  For example, my husband’s cousins and extended family often request friendships with me but they’re not really people I’m close to.  I have added some only to later defriend them.  I felt like there was an assumption that because I married into the family I should be friends with all of them. I also felt , at times, that there was some spying and less than honorable intentions with extended family friendships.  Sometimes it’s better to just let current relationship statuses remain as they are.  Often the more we know about people , the easier and harsher we judge them.  It’s a character flaw for sure but often, it’s just easier to only see and speak with certain people once a year or less.

Keep your friend list trim and current- it’s the best way to have a favourable Facebook experience!

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2 thoughts on “Day 6- Unfriending 101

  1. I’m living in Indianapolis, but am an Alberta girl in heart and was interested to hear about you living on the Canadian Prairies. Just found your blog today and have skimmed through some of it, but a eager to read what you have written about Christmas. We have been praying about what the Lord would have us do this Christmas…with the emphasis on Him. Thanks.

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