Day 7~ The Writing on the Wall

In the early days of FAcebook we had a wall and a super wall.

Now, your personal “wall” is actually your timeline.  Trust me- it’s easier this way. It was  a little confusing when people were “writing on each others’ walls”  and then posting on the superwall.

The superwall was lame. I hated it. I’m so glad it didn’t last.  It was the place where people would send virtual hugs, kisses, punches, food fights, videos, jokes, links, etc. The problem with it is it was a free for all and it became the wall of spam.  Some people were relentless and would post the most offensive , horrific content that the interwebs could dish out.  This is where I got a very rude awakening to how crude and offensive some of my family really are.  It wasn’t pretty.

Now that we have a newsfeed and a ticker(on the right) we still see a lot of links, content and sometimes it gets messy but because I have cleaned up my friend list , I tend to miss all the garbage.  Well, mostly.

Every once in a while my eyes pop out of my head at a word or words that I see in links that people post. I have come to realize that a lot of people don’t even pay attention to what they have posted.  But they should.

I see stuff like this almost daily in my feed from people who I know don’t use language like this….notice the NAME of the PAGE is at the top of the link they’ve posted. They are looking at the photo they’re posting, not the name of the page it’s coming from. People need to pay attention more:

language warn

The other place you want to look is your Timeline(formerly your wall).

Every few days I go through my Timeline and try to look at it as an objective 3rd party.  Self-editing is what it is.

Is there anything I posted that does not reflect my character?  Is there anything – either a status, comment or photo that is in poor taste?

It’s really easy to delete a post.  Simply go to your newsfeed( the one where you see what everyone is posting)  or your own timeline and click on the little arrow to the right of your post:

fb posts

fb posts2

You can change or edit what you’ve posted, you can highlight it(just makes it a bigger post on your timeline), you can hide it from your timeline which doesn’t delete it but makes it invisible if someone comes to your profile to look OR you can delete it.

Deleting posts is not cowardly.  Sometimes it’s necessary. I wish people would do it more often.  I might not have to hide them from my newsfeed or defriend them. 😉


A good guideline for what to post and what your profile/timeline should look like is this:

Philippians 4: 8  whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Day 7 post from last year’s 31 Days to Redeeming Christmas- Week 1 Recap


2 thoughts on “Day 7~ The Writing on the Wall

  1. YES! I am shocked on a daily basis when people share things that come from a terribly named page. Also, it makes me wonder if they are merely sharing the image that one of their friends shared…or if they actually follow that obscene page?

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