Day 9~ A Clean News Feed

One of the new perks of the Facebook News Feed is the ability to customize it and clean it up.

I don’t know about you , but there was a time, a couple of years ago, when my newsfeed was full of games people are playing. Yes, people play games on Facebook. A LOT of games.  It was all I would see some days and it was bothersome and terribly annoying.

I have unsubscribed to all game notifications(more on that another day) but I also am vigilant about cleaning up my newsfeed.

I use the HIDE button often.

facebook 1



facebook 3



You can do this for any post. You can hide a photo that someone posts that you don’t want to see, a link you’d rather not view, all kinds of things.  It hides THAT post.

When you hide a game, the question will come up if you want to hide that post only or all posts by that particular game. I always select HIDE ALL.  I have no desire to see who is playing Farmville, Yuppieville or Hooterville today. It makes me cranky so I don’t ever see those posts at all anymore.

Hiding posts is also useful on some of the new promoted posts. People/pages/vendors can now pay to have their links bumped into your newsfeed. But you do have a voice and you can hide/delete those posts sending a message to FB and the owner of the posts that you aren’t interested in what they’re selling.

Now, go HIDE some stuff and see how clean your newsfeed is!  It’s a wonderful thing.

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