Day 13~Games, Google Chrome and other stuff

Hey guys, here I am- behind! So sorry! Thanksgiving turkey hangover…well, maybe the lemon meringue pie is to blame…yummmm!   So I’m going to rapid fire 3 posts today, okay?

First up: games

The bane of my existence on Facebook. Ugh.

I used to play wordsearch and scrabble.  I did a little BubbleBurst and something else. That was about 5 years ago.

It soon became clear that not only were these time wasters but  I was getting annoyed by all the other people posting game stats and requests to play with them. So I shut it all down. Cold turkey(see what I did there?).  In one day I went from playing several games to playing none and I’ve never looked back.

First of all, if you play games, this is not a slam against you. You do whatever you want to do .

But know this:

1. I frequently hide from my news feed people who play games all the time.

2. I have defriended and will continue to do so, people who regularly play games and never post anything else on Facebook.

3. I have blocked several people from sending me game requests. Because, well, there were a few that , in spite of me publicly requesting that no one invite me to play games, continued to send me game requests.

4. If new games pop up(as they do all the time) in my news feed, I select the arrow to the right to permanently BLOCK all further requests and notifications from that particular game maker.

5. Many games cannot be played on Google Chrome.  For any who are more tech-savvy than I , please bear with me. I am a mom and wife and I know stuff just based on experience not because I know all the technical terms and what not on all things techy. Make sense? Good.  Google Chrome has a superior firewall compared to many other browsers. You may have found that when playing certain games they crash or don’t work at all on Google Chrome. So in order to play some of these games you have to go to Safari, Firefox or another browser. This should be a clue and a warning to you. Games on Facebook are not created by Facebook. They are created by 3rd party developers who may be using archaic or inferior programming. Since the web and the ‘net are always changing, many of theses games don’t measure up.  This is why many of you are getting spammy virus type things popping up on your friends’ walls with your name attached to them. I just had to delete some this weekend from a family group page…because the person whose FB profile it came from is a gamer.

6. You should be cautious about who you exchange information with in 3rd party apps and games. Many times I received friend requests from people I did not know because they were part of a game I was playing. This was one of the major red flags for me discontinuing game play on Facebook.

Any questions?   I don’t play games.  If you do, be wary and we wise.

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